6DOF IMU from Nunchuck and Wii Motion Plus

This is somewhat OT, but it could help someone just starting out...Nunchuck controller has three accelerometers and Wii Motion Plus has three gyros which makes a nice combination for 6 DOF IMU platform. People have been able to communicate with these devices before, but in order to talk to both of them you had to make an additional board ( it's slick solution though). I played with it while back, and figured out a way to acquire data from Nunchuck and WM+ via pass-through port and without extra board...i finally found some time to do a quick write up. Code provided in the above link is just for communication example and nothing else (i.e stabilization, Kalman, etc.)
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    If you want to build quadrotor copter, here is my patched Arduino code that is based on Mikro's AeroQuad 1.7.1 software and Nunchuck + WiiMote+ . It supports all features that latest AQ software and it's quite nice and stable to fly too..


  • Hi Nick,
    I used Arduino Diecimila ( "old" USB board ). You could use Arduino Duemilanove instead ( or Mega)
  • @automatik - Which Arduino did you use for this project?

    I am looking here.

  • ahh okay. I see now. Cool, thats an important step.
  • @dydx - I saw post you referenced on diydrones - but the solution I posted is different as it does not additional custom board to 'bit-bang" to devices on same I2C address...
  • Further Arduino development Here
  • Knuckles904 has already posted on this. Here.
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