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  • Hello

    can Someone help to connect
    Saitek Joystick X56 + Scherrer Tx700 Pro + Rx700 LR +PSU
    in order to fly a quadcopter ?
    And if it is impossible
    How to connect the TX700 Pro and the Quanum V52 Ground Control System, please?


    Quanum V52 Ground Control System
    Quanum V52 Ground Control System
  • TESTING? In a parking garage with vehicles around to damage?  They call that in Cali or anywhere else - stupidity!

    No wonder people have such a negative attitude against us - UAV pilots.

    C'mon people, how can we accept and promote this mentality?

    I feel the noose tightening around our necks a little more, as more and more idiots do this kind of thing.

    Where has common sense gone?

  • @Jani - Yeah I did. That thing has some POWER. It's like your guys said it takes a bit of practice to get used to the joystick. In some cases it's a bit sensitive. 

  • Developer

    Scott, did you see correct video eg video where i fly hexa with joystick?? As for me it shows one our IOBoard videos even thou link to video is correct eg flying vid.

  • 3692547932?profile=originalThan good I use the x52 and is very good the only thing is to use only three flight modes



  • @Jani - Excellent to hear! I need to buy a new joystick before progressing any further. 

  • Developer

    Scott & All, there is no magic on connecting it to work with MP. I made these flights 1 year ago and now MP/AC software is a lot better than that time. You only need to have normal joystick that windows recognizes correctly and then you define different channels to certain pot poins on MP and off you go.

    Already during this flight I did not have any noticeable lag


    Only thing that is important that you don't go beyond capacity of your telemetry. During this flight we were using XBee 900 PROs with 57k dataspeed.

  • @Jesse - In Arizona we called that "Arizona Pinstriping"... I'll have to figure out what they call it here in Cali! 

  • "No ma'am, I didn't scratch your car. Those rotor strikes were already there."

  • @Scott - It was Joystick -> Ultrabook running W7 and MP -> 3dr Radio -> 3dR Radio -> APM

    MP has a button in there to assign joystick outputs to inputs. In the case of the x52 it was X for roll, Y for Pitch, and Z for throttle. The 'Rudder' was a bit different as it was something like Kz or something. I was able to use the AutoSelect button in MP then move the rudder to detect that input. Interesting was the fact my trigger button was trying to change my flight mode. I ended up adding that input and selected none.. Just in case my trigger finger became itchy.. 

    Once MS releases the Surface Pro I'll be loading MP up on that and using a Surface Pro for my ground station! 

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