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GeoBlu commented on SkyrisFX's blog post Building a unique GoPro Gimbal for the 3DR Hexa - Part 2 (video below)
"re-inventing the wheel. I want the last 10 minutes of my life back"
May 17, 2013
GeoBlu posted a discussion in ArduCopter User Group
Is there a way I can program the apm 2.5 to my futaba 8fg? Using a 6 channel rx? Any help is appreciatedThanks,Jared
Feb 26, 2013
GeoBlu commented on Brett Morgan's blog post First flight with GoPro, but hit low-voltage cut-off with the ESCs
"This was the quote I was referring to. Since I made the change, not 1 incident!

“For multicopters we typically all use lipos. The ESCs must be set for NiMh and no or soft cut-off because this makes the ESC low voltage cutoff lower so one or more of…"
Dec 19, 2012
GeoBlu commented on Brett Morgan's blog post First flight with GoPro, but hit low-voltage cut-off with the ESCs
"Also,....switch setting on esc from "lipo" to "ni-xx", like above comment, I would rather lose a battery to low voltage than the aircraft. If (even 1 esc) at "lipo" setting, and esc detects low voltage, then it could fall out of the sky. Just…"
Dec 19, 2012
GeoBlu commented on Scott Fuller's blog post Testing quad copter with APM, Mission Planner and a Saitek Joystick
"TESTING? In a parking garage with vehicles around to damage?  They call that in Cali or anywhere else - stupidity!
No wonder people have such a negative attitude against us - UAV pilots.
C'mon people, how can we accept and promote this mentality?
Nov 18, 2012
GeoBlu commented on Damian Axford's blog post 3DR Hexacopter - maiden flight to wipeout in 4 days
"Typical knuckleheads! These are the guys who make life (multirotor world) difficult for us who play by the "rules" and use our common sense when handling these aircraft. In a period of less than 48 hrs, he received, built, and attempted flights,…"
Oct 30, 2012
GeoBlu commented on Ryan C Smith's blog post Full size helicopter pilots see a RC pilot crash his P-51 high into a tree and fly down to save the day.
"My question is, "where did the 2nd pilot (PIC is right seat), put his cigarette (can be seen in his left hand at beginning) while working the collective stick and talking thru a headset? :)"
Oct 30, 2012
GeoBlu posted a discussion
APM 2.5; how can I do a quad (x8 over/under - "x" mode) setup in MP?Any help would be appreciatedJared
Oct 16, 2012
GeoBlu replied to Alex's discussion Spider quad centre of gravity
"I use a wood spider quad as my platform to test. it has a lot of area to mount/velco and to screw stuff onto.woodytrainer.jpg"
Oct 9, 2012
GeoBlu replied to UAVOZ's discussion calculation of waypoints for aerial survey
"MP planner has a nice tool to calculate your coverage based on lens and digital back.
you can fly in stable mode and take a photo at 100' above ground and measure the image size.

once you have the image size, you can develop your waypoint…"
Oct 7, 2012
GeoBlu replied to Mie Must's discussion APM 2.5 - 360 PANORAMIC LOITER
"great job! keep up the great work."
Oct 7, 2012
GeoBlu posted a discussion
I must be a complete idiot about getting parameters set for my quad. I have done everything I can think of on setting and still I get no positive results. I have a DJI FW450 quad and having set all parameters the way I think is correct is resulting…
Oct 1, 2012
GeoBlu posted a blog post
Here is a solution to having a cover for your APM 2.5 board:Can be found at any convienence store that sells icee, slurpee, slushie, etc. - 22oz cup lid - velcro 4 spots, done!
Sep 25, 2012