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  • It's good flying no doubt.  They got the thing out of the tree, they could have just as easily put it there and we didnt see that part.  Enjoy, I cant. 

  • So, guy crashes his P51 up in a tree on purpose so they can do this video. Yeah, right. Who in his right mind would crash a P51 gasser willingly up in the trees? I flew light GA aircrafts and it is easy to spot RC planes from the air, this is for real. 

    Cool guys, buzzing around on a training flight, showing mercy for us down low who play with these cool toys. 

    Awesome video, respect for the pilots.

  • Fantastic! What a story the RC pilots have.
  • @Harry; my dog probably wouldn't bark at the helicopter either... the instructor is clearly an expert, the way he just parks that thing in the tree tops as tho it was sitting on the ground is impressive; skill only seen in military training, and *tons* of experience...

  • Yeah, the Left Pilot in a Heli is co-pilot, where the CFI will sit during training, so I'm guessing training flight too.  While this wouldn't be normal ops or anything, given the weather it didn't look too risky for an expert pilot, which this guy clearly is.  Awesome job, great to see that I'm not the only RC/Full size Pilot who sees both sides of the fence.  

  • My dog grew up around planes.  He never showed the slightest bit of suspicion around them.  I've also flown probably hundreds of dogs in my career and very few are nervous about them.  It's just like a car.  I would have been more worried about the dog getting into the tail rotor as I don't thing they can see fast spinning objects or know that they are dangerous.  All in all though an awesome video.  I would have definitely bought those pilots a beer...or a case of beer.

  • The pilot of that R-22 is either ex-military or offshore ex-heli-pilot for the oil firms..It takes some skill to plop down on top of trees and grab an RC plane first shot.... Some one owes him a few rounds at the bar..... :)

  • I'm skeptical still.  Maybe a dog wouldnt bark immediately but showing some suspicion of 30 foot blades spinning is healthy behavior, man or beast.  Nobody seemed surprised.  Another thing is how the pilot went right to it.  I've seen those medflight helicopters circle an improvised landing area just to be sure.  This pilot immediately started flirting with obstacles.  I'd expect a little more caution and assessment.

  • @Harry

    Really? I've had plenty of dogs that don't bark at things over the years. They aren't particular interested in cars, busses, trucks etc, I don't see why a helicopter would be any different.

  • Staged, still good flying but prearranged.  Notice the dog had no fear or nervousness around the helicopter.  That dog has been around full scale helicopters before, possibly even that one.  Most dogs would be suspicious and barking.  I should know I was a dog in a previous life.

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