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  • where were they at? looks like the east coast

  • I am thinking the pilot is ex-military. This looked like a training flight turned RC rescue.

    An OUTSTANDING moment captured in time.

  • I just want to buy that instructor a drink, you know that would be a late one!

  • Developer

    awesome action!

  • This shows a pure spirit of all the aviators, great guys :-)

  • My question is, "where did the 2nd pilot (PIC is right seat), put his cigarette (can be seen in his left hand at beginning) while working the collective stick and talking thru a headset? :)

  • That is just plain great :)

  • I like how even before the rc model crashed, they had spotted it and mentioned that it was really cool and admired the runway etc. Nice to hear that from a full scale pilot. 

  • Hilarious.  Wish I would have had a heli rescue team a few times.  Nice of those guys to go out of their way and take the risk.

  • That's truly awesome! Very dangerous but awesome... Obviously that pilot know what he's doing since it sounds like he owns a heli business. Nice find!
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