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  • Very cool review, setting mine up for arduplane. Thanks guys for reassuring me of user friendly.

  • Can we have "Oh Crap" mode?

  • Excellent overview.  Where in Ohio are those guys?

  • That would keep them busy to the end of 2013.....

  • Been watching those guys for a couple years. Wondering if they would ever review it. Hopefully they'll soon do another episode on the other 2/3 of capabilities. Navigation, Camera gymbal, Ardustation, Antenna Tracking, Telementry etc.. So much more to show..

  • I really like their approach. Ok, it's an commercial with one person who got the info and the other one asking questions. But it is not that stupid and they point out crucial points (like covering the baro etc). They can not go into detail in such a short episode but they give a good overview over some features. I think it is also good not to show a special 3drobotics frame, because everybody expects an apm to run on that.

    So long

    Kraut Rob

  • I wonder if he went to see if the blue light on the GPS was solid:
    3DR GPS uBlox LEA-6 indicator lights

  • @Jani Hirvinen  I am currently putting together a review about exactly that.

    I actually learned a few things about flying in loiter mode from that video. Maybe we could get some videos together explaining how to fly in the various modes.... I know that I would watch them!

  • Just bought one because of this video review. 


    I was debating whether to get the APM or the Naza, but the APM beat the Naza for its potential capability and price.

  • Developer

    Chris, what do you say, should we rename RTL to "Oh crap mode"? :)

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