9.2 inches tip to tip. Will it fly??!!

Rotors pitched to induce nose-up pitch and counter-clockwise yaw

I am beginning to think that this is do-able. it looks very heavy, and i need to do the math to figure out how much thrust I can get out of my brushed motors. I reduced rotor diameter, added a horizontal stab, and added a canopy so it looks more fly-able.

The fun part is almost over, as I need to start diving into the math to make sure this will fly.

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    May " target="_blank"> this will help, it is called tandem trex The controller can be found here with airframe details/kits
  • I agree with jeff, that skewing the axis in and out will result in asymmetric forces on the pitch axis. I'm not sure I follow the explanation, but assuming counter-rotating blades; if the forward-moving blades are higher than the rearward-moving blades, then the airframe would indeed pitch upwardly - Which means the avatar design is feature complete?
  • I suggest checking these: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=..., seems promising. (counter rotating twin motor pack with propellers)
  • i think you should do what mariano says, as you will still have control, and it will lose some weight.
  • you only need 1 servo to aim the rotors outward. You can gear it to get equal movement out of each side relative to the main body but at this scale it probably doesnt matter.
  • The V-22 has collective pitch-control, and cyclic pitch-control, I think Jeff is trying to compensate for the lack of cyclic / collective with the extra servos.
  • I'm thinking in Osprey V22
    I believe It only tilt rotors front/back.
  • Thanks for the comment. By tilting the rotors inwards/outwards, I'll control pitch (nose up/down). As shown, tilting rotors inwards towards center line will create an upwards force on the outside of the rotors, which will travel 90deg to the front tips of the rotors, pulling the nose up and inducing pitch.

    Without this control, I am not sure how I would keep the nose of the craft level, especially when hovering with little airflow over the horiz stab . Thoughts?
  • In my opinion you only need to turn rotos in front back direction, not in right left side. You can remove two servos.
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