9x radio 'mod' list


That my list of 9x radio mods, Keeping it DIY, and under $200 :) 

First one is 'er9x' firmware super easy:

Here is wiki page and good 'How to wire' videos: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 you'll need some programmer this one works fine  

also you can use arduino board

'eepe' tool is here

Next one is the 6 position 'mode' switch for ArduPlane/Copter, here is my original mod and complete 'how to' from Paul. That is 2 pole switch, so its 2 switches in one and I used that second switch for LEDs.

Next is the Turnigy 9X LCD Backlight Kit from HK 'how to' is here :)9X-LCD-BL.jpg?width=600IMPORTANT !!! DON'T DO THAT 


Just cut-off some of extra foam but don't try to completely remove it, big mess !

Speaker Mod with Haptic Feedback really cool one :)

Next FrSky Telemetry 


There is number of ways to do it 'How to modify your 9x to support telemetry'

one is using 'FrSkyLite' that also used for 'FrSky' firmware upgrades.

But here is another one that also converts 'FrSky' module to support firmware upgrades via FTDI cable.


You'll need to perform minor surgery on that DHT DIY module :)


And some work on the 9x board too.


But the most important part is the new ERSKY9x ARM board for 9x radios !!!


Here is a Feature List:
input voltage 6.5 - 16 volts (7.2V ideal)
Atmel SAM3S ARM Cortex M3 Microprocessor 
256K of Eprom , 48K Ram 
4mb EEprom - For Model /sound storage
Support for Optrex display F-55472GNFJ-SLW-AAN
Built-in external USB socket for Programming / interface.
2 external RS232 Serial Ports.
PWM control of LED backlight . (dimmable)
1/2 Watt Mono Audio Amp , with digital volume control
8 ohm speaker output with auto switch over headphone jack output.
Micro SD card socket with 4 bit high speed connection to ARM
Support for RN-42 Bluetooth Module (spot for external TTL serial connection)
Haptic output connector , with PWM drive.
ATTiny167 AVR micro for RTC and 12 external switch inputs/encoders or up to 10 A/D inputs , can be battery backuped 
External I/O connector with 4 lines one with DAC output
I2C output connector + spare port pin. 
5V output.
On board current sensor , to measure power usage on battery
Software control of Power - off

Should be out soon for $85 !



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  • I like to see this mod with 3rd joystick.

  • I have a cool (and useful - i think) mod on my 9x that i didn't see so often :).

    I have a "third" joystick to control cam pan-tilt on FPV setups. It's not a cumbersome install, but rather a integrated one you can use with your index finger without leaving the thumb sticks.

    I'll post photos of install and a small tutorial, if there's interest

  • yep, i guess my question is, how did you do this LED mod?

  • Developer

    @Paul, LEDs are for the mode switch, you can put stickers next to the LEDs so you know what mode you in :)

  • This looks intresting smartieparts I need to try this. Also it works with ER9x firmware with no problems.

  • haha i was going to say, i cant be seeing things.

    well ive got myself a smartiepants board and havent gotten around to putting it in but now this post has made me keen to slap it in.

    current pages im looking at which may prove helpful for others:

    9x Solderless Programmer Board Rev 2.4 - $36.00 : 9x Solderless Programmer Board Rev 2.4 - Product Discontinued. This bolt-on programmer board gives you an easy and solderless method…
  • whats the difference between smartiepants board and the gruvin board? im confused, sorry.

  • I have a few JR radios and the 9x is my favorite out of all of them. Did few mods on the JR but they where limited. 9x is a good cheap quailty controller for the price and easy to program.

  • There is a new board already available using an AtMega2560.


  • hey max, where is the point where you add the green leds, cant seem to find it, these are for the modes right? 1,2,3 etc...

This reply was deleted.