A Date with Ms. Purple (APM2)

Some interesting videos of my morning flights with the latest firmware and APM2.

Dont forget to watch the last video ;)

1st loiter

Arducopter, now with REAL chicken sound effects...
Loiter worked quite well considering the drift issue...
It only started to drift after a while.
Seems like the more stick input you give, the worse the drift gets.]

2nd loiter It went better, I tried to stay away from using too much stick.

1st alt hold. Went beautifully, as good as the sonar! Still the drift issue in stabilize.

low level alt hold
Pool noodles rock!

Karlas first attempt
I suppose I should fix the drift issue before I let my GF fly it...
Fortunately I was controlling the throttle and trying to film.
Funny as hell! It landed on the roof...

Loiter and Alt Hold work fine. But the drift issue makes it un-flyable!
The only thing that fixes the drift issue is resetting the board.
Then it works for 20-30s and then cant fly it anymore.
Running the level command and in-flight leveling doesnt do sh*t.


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  • Nothing ventured, Nothing gained.

  • Moderator

    Maybe APM2 is more sensitive, but that's a good thing. Maybe balancing props for you "drifters" isn't the only answer. Many folks balance their motors as well.

    Since some people like to point fingers when it comes to these types of issues, maybe we can add a more intuitive vibration analysis to our suite of tools. Maybe Michael can even whip up a nice GUI function in the Planner to show which quadrant needs attention. You know- make it easy.

  • 3D Robotics

    @Ruben: It's not a "problem"--it's just a different board that requires different code to optimize for its characteristics. This is the way every product has been introduced here, for years (and is the same as most open source hardware companies). The hardware goes out with basic software support at launch, and then the software evolves to take full advantage of it in the following months. I'm sorry that you weren't aware of the normal development path here, but I hope that clears it up. 

  • Iv found foam does work better than silicone so I shall try mounting it on 5-8 layers of thick double sided tape.

    The tape is quite "spongy" and absorbs vibration nicely.

    Thank you Chris and Jason :)

  • @chris,

    Why haven't we been informed about this problem before purchasing? I was under the presumption that the board had already been tested thouroughly? Will try to make some casing though. Although I expect it not to become any better beceause i already tried mounting the board on silicon tubing.

  • @Jason: With regards to the

    "Running the level command and in-flight leveling doesnt do sh*t."

    My intention was not to confuse any1, but more to inform. If it turns out that the drift problem is caused by vibrations, then a surefire method of diagnosing said problems is through the ineffectiveness of the in-flight leveling function.

    Not so?

  • I will foam mount the hell out of it and test fly it tomorrow!

    If it was caused by vibrations, perhaps we should add a note in the APM2 manual about adding extra anti-vibration measures, as the one used for APM1 arent sufficient?


  • Gareth, so you're saying the drifting is worse for APM2?  I wonder if the new accelerometer chip is behaving differently.

  • 3D Robotics

    Gareth: Yes, APM 2 is more sensitive to vibration (see my comment above). Until we optimize the software filters for that, please mount it on foam.

  • Chris: Soz, i didnt read your post before i replied.... :/

This reply was deleted.