A detailed look at Pixracer

The video below (enable audio!) shows a detailed overview of the new Pixracer flight controller.

It is the 4th generation of the Pixhawk flight controller family (make: FMUv4) and like the first generations designed by the Pixhawk Open Hardware team in collaboration with an international dev team. It supports the PX4 and APM flight stacks. If you like to try PX4 on it, follow the user guide.

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  • The Pixracer comes with a FrySky Port, no need for a teensy board, but no xperience with that since  I´m using Hott :-(


  • Does this board support direct connection to Frsky X8R smart port for telemetry without the need for the teasny board? If so does one need to configure that in the parameters? Thx

  • Sorry guys, Nick sent out an email to everyone on 1/19/2016. Seems some people did not get it. Gervais, Thank you for posting this.

  • Please wire it as shown below :


  • Have master fw running well with QGC 2.91, but I was not able to get the 3dr gps to function.. Found out the wires to the df13 6 connector were reverse order: red was in 6, and GND was in 1 and so on.. Once I put wires to the correct pins, gps is now working..

  • And we generally recommend the DAILY BUILD of QGroundControl for that purpose. Tons of improvements going in every few days - e.g. the latest version does auto-connect and doesn't require you to fiddle with serial ports at all.

  • So I just pushed a new binary to clean up port mappings: TLM2 is recommended for OSDs (it has the right MAVLink messages enabled) TLM1 for Telemetry radios.

    PX4 runs four MAVLink instances: One on the Wifi socket, one on TELEM1, one on TELEM2 and the last one on USB. If you get the wiring wrong it will still work, but your OSD might not get all messages it needs.

    Please flash the latest development version for Pixracer - its so new that using the cutting edge makes sense. I have attached a screenshot that explains how to do this:


  • Thanks! And, no software settings?  In APM, I have to set up specific serial port settings, or I don't get a display.  And what about MinimOSD firmware?  Does MinimOSD Extra 800 work, or is there a specific PX4 firmware?  (I found uncompiled px4 minimosd code from about 6 months ago, but very little info about it)

  • Use TELEM1 (TLM1 on the board I believe). Its the usual pinout: https://pixhawk.org/modules/pixracer

  • Can anyone give me specifics on hooking up minimOSD to pixracer with PX4?

    Which serial port, where do I set up the parameters, etc?  The config is not the same as arducopter, and I cannot find instructions.

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