This was my today´s proyect, to connect ardustation with xbee and the laptop at the same time, displaying a flight data from a GPS simulated Ardupilot and also to perform a 3 waypoint mission and test the antenna tracker feature...............I had a great time today..... Here is the video....
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  • Dody, this was just a simple test using Ardustation and Happykillmore´s GCS!!!!
    Put ardupilot to sleep and dream about flying with this:

    #define GPS_PROTOCOL 0 // 0 = NMEA, 1=SIRF, 2=uBlox, 3 = ArduIMU, 5 = Simulated GPS mode (Debug)

    the option 5 does the magik...

    the next thing is get the ardustation to hear by the xbee pro, and send the data via the FTDI pins. (rx and tx swapped)..

    Turn on your adupilot and the remote control, put it in AUTO mode after setting up a few waypoints.......

    What can i say, everything is on the manual, just wanted to play with my options..... jejejejeje

    Tested with the ardupilot GCS and happy´s.......
  • hey Mark, i am using Ardupilot, not the ardupilot mega!!!!! it has a Gps config option that lets you simulate the GPS, it dreams of flying!!! as the manual says jejejejeje and i am usig the last Ardupilot code....
  • Hello Diego
    Beautiful Demonstration,
    I have the same material as you.
    Can you make me a small diagram of the connection of all the unit.
    Are there things to program in GE?
    Best would be to make a tutoriel for everyone.
    Thank you
  • Give me more about how you have the APM dreaming. What version of the APM code are you using? Are you feeding it GPS data from the GPS emulator via a serial connection or do you have it connected to a simulator? If you are using a simulator, witch one?
  • Hi Happy ! Where do you suspect is the problem on my end ?
  • Rana, that error has to do with GE's 3D Trees. The latest version includes error trapping to fix that bug in the Javascript for people not running GE 6.0.
  • I am getting Internet Explorer script error while GS is trying to initialise;

    So I am suspecting setting settings of Internet Explorer too.
  • Hi ! I suspect my GE Tools_Options settings, I have pasted below mine , can you see and compare with yours and see where I am wrong ?

    Rest other things like latest Ground Stations, Latest GE, Latest recomended .NET etc. are same in my machine.
  • This laptop has windows 7 home premium, the last happykillmore GCS release, the last .NET framekork from Microsoft, same with the DirectX......... Ardupilot side simulating the GPS and the Ardustation has the 13th version code. also works good with ardupilots GCS...... i don´t know what else would you like to know.
  • Hi ! It is really nice to see tis video, would appreciate if you have little more details in your blog regarding the various files installed and downloaded in the PC.
    In both of my machines, one have Voista service pack 2 and other have XP service pack 3, I am unable to get the models view in the GE window.
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