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  • @Bob, I literally Laughed Out Loud at the timing of your previous comment.  You literally commented at around the same time Sue posted the official blog! :P

  • Thanks Mark.  I also should have waited about 10 minutes more before commenting because a new post was made even as I added my comment.  Apologies.

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    3DR said that they would begin shipment of production Pixhawks this week and they did. I received my production Pixhawk on Tuesday of this week. Case closed.


    TCIII ArduRover2 Developer

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    Bob, they did that with the APM 2.0 and created a lot of unhappiness when the dates were missed.  I think their takeaway was to be extra cautious when announcing availability, dates, etc.

    Most people were OK with the situation at the time, but enough people were of the "you committed to ..." mindset that it killed it for the rest of us. :-(

  • I’m fairly new to this forum and I hate to be negative on my first comment, but, there is one thing I don’t understand about 3DR.  For a company that was spawned from an environment of open-source activity and sharing, there seems to be vagueness and mystery regarding the status of the Pixhawk release.  Come on guys!  How about a little transparency?  I for one would order an APM 2.6 to complete my despondent 3DR quad if I knew the Pixhawk would be delayed for a while.

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    Congratulations!  If I order now can I get it to deliver itself to my house?

  • Hey I know that place

  • It's time to takeoff ! =)

  • Congrats 3DR!

  • Really wishing everything goes smoothly for you all with your new team and factory and on the Pixhawk and Iris roll out.

    Going to be a busy Christmas.

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