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Interested in multicopters for arial photography.


Lucedale, MS

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Bob Chatel commented on James Daniel's blog post Letter to my Congressman
"Thank you James.  This letter echoes my sentiment.  Additionally, we need to keep the subject of search and rescue uav uses in our communications."
Jul 24, 2014
Bob Chatel commented on Joshua's blog post "Drone Users Largely Silent Regarding FAA Rules That May Limit Flights"
"@ Joshua,
Thanks for the reminder.  Just posted my comments.  The count is up to 3,503 this morning."
Jul 12, 2014
Bob Chatel commented on Jared Reabow's blog post How to Get APM/Pixhawk telemetry on your taranis!
"Built one last month and put it on my 3DR Quad.  Using the X8R receiver and Pixhawk.  Great project and good instructions.  One thing to watch for is that the code is expecting to use metric values.  If your Taranis is set for imperial values you…"
Jun 30, 2014
Bob Chatel commented on Chris Anderson's blog post AMA response blasts FAA
"I hope the AMA administrative folks are prepared for a big spike in membership applications :).  I joined Monday."
Jun 25, 2014
Bob Chatel commented on Gary McCray's blog post Drones Are Fun an informational resource for everybody interested in UAVs, especially for personal use.
"Great job Gary,
You have put a great deal of work into this.  I enjoy the content and it is now bookmarked so I can read more.  A super addition to your contribution to DiyDrones which I have also followed gratefully.
May 30, 2014
Bob Chatel replied to Hugues's discussion what frsky receiver for pixhawk? in ArduCopter User Group
I am also building a 3DR Quad with a new Pixhawk.  I am using the FrSky X8R receiver.  I have the SBus port from the reciever connected to the RC input of the Pixhawk.  Have finished configuration and motor tests.  RC inputs from my Taranis…"
Jan 23, 2014
Bob Chatel commented on Trent at MyGeekShow's blog post MyGeekShow Streaming Live Marathon (42km) Cross Country Attempt
"Congratulations!  The flight was awesome enough, but, coordinating all the technology to do that and stream it live was great.  Next time maybe you can switch between FPV signal and ground camera signal on the stream.  Good work!!!"
Jan 1, 2014
Bob Chatel commented on Sue Rosenstock's blog post Pixhawk is Ready for Takeoff
"Merry Christmas and thanks soooo much for the update."
Dec 25, 2013
Bob Chatel commented on Chris Anderson's blog post A drone-eye view of the 3D Robotics Tijuana factory team
"Thanks Mark.  I also should have waited about 10 minutes more before commenting because a new post was made even as I added my comment.  Apologies."
Dec 12, 2013
Bob Chatel commented on Chris Anderson's blog post A drone-eye view of the 3D Robotics Tijuana factory team
"I’m fairly new to this forum and I hate to be negative on my first comment, but, there is one thing I don’t understand about 3DR.  For a company that was spawned from an environment of open-source activity and sharing, there seems to be vagueness…"
Dec 12, 2013