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AMA response blasts FAA

3689602326?profile=originalWow. The AMA response to the new FAA rules is scorching: 

States AMA President Bob Brown, “The FAA interpretive rule effectively negates Congress’ intentions, and is contrary to the law. Section 336(a) of the Public Law states that, ‘the Federal
Aviation Administration may not promulgate any rule or regulation regarding a model  aircraft…’, this interpretive rule specifically addresses model aircraft, effectively establishes rules that model aircraft were not previously subject to and is in direct violation of the congressional mandate in the 2012 FAA reauthorization bill.” The interpretive rule reflects the FAA’s disregard for and its unfamiliarity with the makeup of the modeling community. Nearly 20% of the AMA membership is 19 years old or younger and an even greater percentage is retirees over the age of 65. FAA’s intention to impose a strict regulatory approach to the operation of model aircraft in the hands of our youth and elderly members threatens to destroy a wholesome and enriching activity enjoyed by a vast cross-section of our society.

“AMA cannot support this rule.” said AMA Executive Director Dave Mathewson. “It is at best  ill-conceived and at worst intentionally punitive and retaliatory. The Academy strongly requests the FAA reconsider this action. The AMA will pursue all available recourse to dissuade enactment of this rule.”

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  • @BluSky1, I think we all want to believe what you said - hopefully it is true. Is there any other information you can share?

  • Suxs to be the FAA now. the only ally it had it just burned.

    Expect a small drone ruling by the FAA by the end of the year. It will actually be a change of tone from them. I can't say anymore just that I got the inside track.

    The arguments I hear here are pretty silly. The 3lb phantom is going to take down the 747 jet...Give me break ROFL. Anything under 55 pounds poses very little threat to man aircraft.

    if you are below 400 feet, more than 5 miles from an airport and in unrestricted airspace you pose no risk to manned aircraft or the national airspace regardless of the method you use to fly your craft.

    The FAA and others silly witch hunt for FPV wont stand in court its like with Trappy the federal judge laughed the FAA out of court and dismissed his fine.

  • just joined!

  • hampimp.jpg

    Photo from a recent joint AMA/ARRL meeting :)

  • there is a hug overlap in the AMA and ARRL communities... I am one of them... 

    Crap... That must mean I am a grumpy old man... :(

  • You think the AMA is a bunch of a grumpy old me, you should see the ARRL!

  • "I have a pen and a phone".

    Elections do have consequences.

  • The same problem occurred when the FCC began licensing amateur radio operators. The ham community got together to self police hams to keep within the rules to prevent further restrictions from being imposed by the FCC.

    Hams have an organization, the ARRL, that is a powerful lobbying group (hopefully like the AMA will become) that has prevented draconian type restrictions from being imposed on the hobby all these years.
  • My fear is that this attitude is all too common and is growing in this hobby. So the question is whether we think this will lead the hobby to a better future, or worse? 

    Responsible voices need to be loud and clear in order to lead us where we'd rather go. 

  • I am all for FAA public beatings or stonings at this point.

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