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  • hi chris, congrats for the new facility. i am really amazed how it has grown in last three years. how about a trip to india. the weather is pleasent's a happening place in december. - Crea il tuo Portale di Annunci
  • Nice picture !! :), looking very tropical there, even in winter!

  • Distributor

    Chris, did you pay attention on park area? A "Volkswagen Fusca" (old beetle), Classic...

    Merry Christmas for of you guys!!!!


    Guto Santaella

  • congrats everyone!!!  It's amazing to see how far things have come over the years...  It trully amazes me!

    Bravo Chris and 3DR Team,

    Joshua Johnson

  • Need a new fuction, Say Cheese!

  • Congratulations 3D Robotics team!

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