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A Drone's Day at Maker Faire

We had a blast at Maker Faire, which was the best one yet. This video captures the spirit of it perfectly, from the Game of Drones battles to the fire-breathing sculptures. Many thanks to the Maker Faire team for letting us do this!

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  • What safety protocols are you talking about ?

    If the copter falls out of the sky its going to hit someone. It doesnt matter what protocols anybody claims.

  • I see where you are coming from, I really do, I cringe every time I see a DJI Phantom fly over a concert crowd. But, no shit, some of you are beginning to sound like an FAA no brainer.  Flights over crowds can easily be managed with the proper safety protocols in place and I assure you this one was, and I was not even there, I just know from my experience working with 3DR that they take it VERY seriously. So maybe the video did not convey that enough, but I know, those provisions were in place. Thing is, this is coming, a sUAS company such as 3DR is not going to step on their preverbal dick to make a cool video.

  • Craig Bussel,

    By every safety measure do mean prop-guards, RF spectrum analysis and control, buffer zones, fail-safe protocols, safety proven airframes ?

  • In your disclaimer at the end of the video, what does "hobby-grade" mean? 

    I know that the "professional-grade" companies out there, are really getting fed up with these irresponsible stunts being performed just for the short-term hype value. The risk this brings to the market, as a whole, is unacceptable -- a lot of people are gambling their livelihoods on this burgeoning industry. Do you think these guys are ready to give up all that money? Nope! They will just regulate the little-guys out of the market, and all they need is a small disaster to make an example out of.

    It's also a bit juvenile to hide behind the blessing of the Maker Faire organizers. What do they have to do with best-practices in the UAV industry? I'm sure that most people would agree that the responsibility for proper decision making in this manner, lies with the guy who is the CEO of the UAV company.

    Hobby-grade, indeed!

  • Cool video Chris, thanks for sharing. Which I could have made it down to chat. Oh for the haters, since I have actually worked with 3DR on a project, I can guaranty every safety measure was in place for the filming of this video.

  • Could you please elaborate Bruce?
  • The "uncontrolled landing" late Saturday afternoon near the robot fighting area was interesting. 5 feet to the north and it would have been national headlines.
  • Plenty of children were present in the video. Not worth the risk even with permission/waivers/and apparently invisible ground team in my opinion.
  • Full safety review, approval and waiver... yeah sure, it just proves those people signing off on it are clueless to the danger.  The even bigger problem is editing up this video to show off how OTHERS can fly over crowds... I mean, if you can do it safely then everybody can do it safely?  Blind luck does not equal safety measures.

    Lead by example!

    C'mon Chris, do the right thing and pull this video down.

  • The ground team doesn't seem present in the video as the quad zoomed right over the top of groups of people.
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