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It bears repeating: Drones Are Hard. Above are some stats on the projects I've backed. I don't regret funding any of them, since I like encouraging these sorts of projects and I learn a lot from their updates. When a crowdfunding project I've backed actually shows up, I'm amazed (I call this being "Kickstartled") and then usually a bit disappointed that it isn't as cool or useful as I'd hoped. But I admire the work that it took into getting that far, and I'll keep backing them. This is my charity work ;-)

It's worth noting that none of these have arrived yet (with the exception of the disastrous Pockedrone, the less said about the better), so these bars will rise. 

I've created a public spreadsheet here if you want to add to it. Screenshot from it below:


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    I'm guessing you were fairly high on the delivery list Chris. Do tell us how it flies (post a video). My own version has taken another direction (no pun intended) and as such is enjoying the traditional Kickstarter delay. It might pivot again soon actually too many things to try! Maybe transitioning VTOL should be a T3. Endurance or speed would be my challenges out of the box.

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    Good news! My XPlusOne arrived!


  • @Janis Kuze Agreed that 3D printing is still climbing the hype curve, but not sure I can agree with a blanket statement to leave it out entirely.  You are correct, 3D printing does not scale well, however our approach with BoxBotix is not to scale, but to diffuse via open source.  There are a variety of ways to monetize around open source that do not involve scale.  And printing allows the flexibility to customize quickly, which provides value in a different way than mass production.  So yes, 3D printing at scale is likely not a good idea (unless perhaps you are Aleph Objects or similar), but it can be used to support the proper business model.

  • Most of time these drone campaigns shoot in their own foot by relying on hype of 3D printing. They make bet that costs will drastically go down by time they will start delivery in volumes and quality and % of parts not passing through QA will also improve. They run into unacceptable costs of mass production by 3D printing and have to invest heavily into redesign of manufacturing process to get to proven mass manufacturing technologies.

    Leave 3D printing where it belongs - prototyping and creating parts which simply cannot be created by other methods. I see no reason for such things as frame components of drones to be 3D printed instead of stamping or molding. At lest at this moment in time.

  • oh absolutely!!  Thanks for making that statement & reminding even me.  Especially because it is so tedious to do the right thing, and there are people actually doing just that.  

    Glad you're a voice that's can convey that.

  • It's more about awareness and keeping this industry from more bad press. 

  • Let us know when that comes out Jimmy.  $3.5 million??  I'm on the wrong end of this, I started my business on the basis of not spending more than I can afford to lose.  It's the Scot in me.  In 1994 I threw $200 @ Apple when it was about to go under.  Not a bad choice, sometimes you win :)

    From my experience thus far, I'm pretty shocked at the stuff going on out there.  

  • I was interviewed via phone by Newsweek today.

    Zano Story

  • And now you can scratch the Zano...


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    So many firsts so little time. Their claim is of course very Kickstarter

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