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It bears repeating: Drones Are Hard. Above are some stats on the projects I've backed. I don't regret funding any of them, since I like encouraging these sorts of projects and I learn a lot from their updates. When a crowdfunding project I've backed actually shows up, I'm amazed (I call this being "Kickstartled") and then usually a bit disappointed that it isn't as cool or useful as I'd hoped. But I admire the work that it took into getting that far, and I'll keep backing them. This is my charity work ;-)

It's worth noting that none of these have arrived yet (with the exception of the disastrous Pockedrone, the less said about the better), so these bars will rise. 

I've created a public spreadsheet here if you want to add to it. Screenshot from it below:


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  • You're spot on. I'm turning into Ralph Nader - HELP!!!

  • Jimmy - it would seem that it would take 3-5+ million dollars to bring something like that to market - I wonder how they are going to do it with 100K ??

    Isn't it the old story of "if something sounds too good to be true it probably isn't"?

    Forgive me my skepticism but it has served me well in many such cases!

  • The one I'm watching is FLYBi. Lots of features and big claims. Obstacle avoidance, charging station, head tracking...

    I am a Zano orphan and am still waiting on RTK GPS.

  • will be interesting to see what happens with the lilly. pretty much the same thing i can image.  also unrelated. I also just purchased an IRIS+ for some light mapping, rather than a solo as the features and flight time are practically the same. I don't need a fancy drone with a HD gopro downlink for mapping. please keep supporting the iris+!

  • Hi Chris. Any thoughts about the Lilly? Also..unrelated?. I understand 3DR will "sunset " older product line..I get it, I planned on getting a Solo (currently fly Iris+) but there was no mention of Aero or Aero M, which I'd like to use for aerial survey work with my employer (LafargeHolcim).

    Cheers and thanx for reading
  • Actually, companies like Hexo and Airdog (and maybe others) picked up quite a bit of money from banks and/or VC's along the way.

    Think about....Oculus Rift. 

    Kickstarter...if I remember correctly.

    Yes, the odds are against it, but that Oculus guy is a genius and now probably a billionaire.

  • Admin


    That is why they were on Kickstarter as no sane US corporation or venture capitalist would fund them and I wonder why?:-)



  • This is really interesting.  I'd love to hear about the RTK GPS, I go to a Sensefly demo on Friday for their RTK. I'm in the Bay Area & have an exemption.  Currently I'm using the Iris + to collect data & predetermined survey points.  It's GrandView Services, LLC out of Walnut Creek.  

    People think this is easy...

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