This is a very compact and robust quad designed and built by me and another Chinese student that will fit snugly in a large pocket. Hasn't flown yet since the motors are still shipping, but it feels very sturdy and should be rigid enough to stay stable at high throttle, and don't worry about the joints, they'll be fastened with aluminum screws and bolts. The quad is designed to house a pixhawk with cover removed(there will be a protective roof) and carry a mobius or an HD19 or a Gopro.  Still needs a bit polishing and slight bug fixes, will weigh around 35 grams with skids when finished. But that's after I kill the December SAT test:). I love this hobby but still I need to get to college:). A special thanks to the wonderful community at DiyDrones, it is something that I cannot experience around in China.3689627429?profile=original

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  • @Stephen forgot to mention that the arms only fold 90 degrees, so you do not have to worry about the arms being level.

  • @Todd: E-max 2204 or 1806

    @Stephan currently it's friction locking, with self locking nuts. I may switch to using butterfly nuts to make tightening easier if necessary. 

    @wbal From what everyone's telling me the mini APMs are a bit fussy to deal with, but the screw holes have the same distance between as a pixhawk so they would work too.

  • http://www.myrcmart.com/apm-26-ardupilot-mega-26-flight-control-boa...

    There are mini APM's that may work for this size frame

    : Review - USD0.00 : MyRcMart.COM :
    : Review - ...
  • T3
    Very unique folding method, that would nicely fit in a small case. Now the hobby just needs an equally small controller
  • Would like to see a complete set up.

  • T3

    What is the locking mechanism?  Do you have to screw/unscrew to fold the arms?

  • Good luck, looks interesting.  What size motors will you use?

  • Great idea! Woud be nice have this project avaiable on grabcad

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