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3689564451?profile=originalNow that Pixhawk, our new 32-bit autopilot, is shipping, I dug up all of its predecessors just to remind myself how far we've come. That takes me back -- that first ArduPilot was designed by Jordi and manufactured by Sparkfun, long before 3D Robotics was even a company. I still have a fond spot for APM 1, which was the first board 3DR made and is still supported today. 

Three of the biggest changes were the shift from thermopile to IMU stabilization between ArduPilot and APM 1 (2010), the shift from mostly fixed-wing UAVs to mostly multicopters with APM 2 (2011), and the shift from 8-bit platforms to 32-bit platforms with Pixhawk (2013). 

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  • It's pretty incredible what progress has been made in the last few years. I started out in the APM 1 stage with a grandfathered JDrones quad, and I thought that was impressive! My roommate and I have since built a research lab, UAV program, and now a competition team for the AUVSI Pax River competition, all based around Ardupilot and the community it has formed. You've built something pretty amazing here, and I'm glad to be a part of this community!

  • Hi,

    thanks for this great post. When there was a final thesis on our academy, I urged 2011 for the APM1. Thanks for all the software-support up to now 3.1, that this expensive investment for our small department has not gotten out-of-date super fast. Actually the "old" 2011 quadcopter-platform now only starts to harness its full potential with the latest updates! Thank you for your efforts and please keep the support for APM1 as long as you can, for everybody that cannot afford a new platform every 1, 2 or 3 years but maybe only every 4 or 5 years! Best!

  • Sorry, correction!

    I meant @ShadowAir

  • @Shadow warrior:

    I would suggest you approach certain probable organizations and propose your project idea. If they like it they can offer you the costs involved. Chances are high, as this is the time for this technology everyone wants embraced!

  • I would recommend running a kickstarter campaign or something similar

    everyone and their dog wants an investor who does any inventing

    If you have a sound idea, or prototype and done enough work on the project

    that might be the next step to try 

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  • Great going. Hope to see Pixhawk 2014, coming soon, with some cool features not yet available with all the other platforms (All-In-One) !!

    Infrared sensors: For object avoidance

    Image sensors (cemera): For face recognition and other cool things!

    Optical flow sensors: Indoor stabilization supported on PixHawk.

    I firmly believe, this is possible with our new ARM board with RT OS capability :)

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  • 3D Robotics

    CLiff-E: I loved that one! We're planning to bring back blimps next year, WAY advanced. 

  • BUT WAIT, what ever happened to....

    2008: Blimpduino!

    3692904696?profile=originalI still have my old blimpduino board sitting on my office desk. Happy holidays!

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