A new OSD for FPV - PlayuavOSD

Hi,I want to share a new OSD - the PlayuavOSD. It is new but not totally unfamiliar. It is created by integrating a variety of excellent open-source projects. Many thanks to the developers for their efforts and dedication.

This project is licensed under CC 3.0 BY-SA and GUN v3. You can find all information about this OSD at http://www.github.com/Playuav/playuavosd, including the source code, the schematic diagram, and the configuration tools etc.

Inevitably there will be bugs and improper designs. But as an OSD, I don't think it will cause crash:-). Though most functions have been realized, there is still a lot to do, such as the implement of UAVTalk and DJI CAN. If you are interested in it, please share your opinions and suggestions. Thank you.

Config Tool download here. Manual download here.

Configuration video:

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  • lol my pleasure to help you Michal. Honestly I don't understand why there is so few people using this playuav osd depsite the fact it's a really really good alternative to the BIG font of minimosd. Moreover, form factor is good and STM32 excellent.

    I like it very much and have let 3 minimosd on the shelves for now. With my Vector OSD, it's my favorite OSD.

    Nice fly !

  • Hi Jean-Marie

    IT WORKS!  Thanks for your help and suport. Actually, I dont know what happened, I think crucial

    was setting serial 2 baud (where playosd was finally connetced) and board serial rate (both to 38 400)

    Thanks a lot! Where should I send a BIG pint?


  • hi, 

    You've got 4 wires for telemetry ? Have you try to force "Telemetry" from mission planner in initial setup/ optional hardware /osd ? > just clik on 'minimosd picture'.

    If you have got a FTDI you can try to output telemetry feed with ctrl+F, Mavlink to the COM where your ftdi is plug 5v,tx,rx,gnd of playuav to test it s not a pb with your pixhawk config (in this case, your pixhawk is plug with usb and connected to MP)

    In my case : all telemetry is default setup in Mission Planner.  

  • Hi,

    1/ reversing rx and tx didn't help

    2/ serial speed in both playuav and mission planer set at 57600 baud

    any ideas?

  • hi

    1/ Try to reverse rx and tx 

    2/ check telemetry serial speed in playuav config tool AND mission planner

  • Hi,

    I now have osd display and video from camera! Problem was probably in bad connection.

    But now I have osd display, but no data from Pixhawk - I checked all connections again, everything seems

    to be ok, but no data displayed. I tried Telemetry port 1 and 2 - nothing.

    Any ideas whats happening?

  • I've checked with your video - no blue light visible  on it.

    I hope the author/producer of PlayUAV OSD will improve the documentation by adding 2-3 sentences concerning the connections and meaning of the LEDs 

  • I'm sorry I'm not sure about blue light. I must check this after work.

    Perhaps you could look at my video at 0.15 min :  https://youtu.be/K_rhIYWg0L0  to check wires.

  • Hi Jean-Marie,

    I have video in/out connections ok. But I do not have blue light - I assumed the board is powered by Pixhawk through the supplied cable - the red wire is connected to +5V, right? But I never saw the blue light.

    Question: when connected via USB to PC board should also be powered - should I see the blue light? I only see blinking red light.

  • Are you sure telemetry is correctly plugged ? 

    - for video you must have (from left to right) wires on :1,2 (in) and 5,6 (out)

    - for telemetry (from left to right) wires on : 1 (blk),6 (green) 7 (blue) 8 (red)  

    >>> if you not apply power to telemetry, you will not have video feed because board is powered with this - is blue light ON ?

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