A new OSD for FPV - PlayuavOSD

Hi,I want to share a new OSD - the PlayuavOSD. It is new but not totally unfamiliar. It is created by integrating a variety of excellent open-source projects. Many thanks to the developers for their efforts and dedication.

This project is licensed under CC 3.0 BY-SA and GUN v3. You can find all information about this OSD at http://www.github.com/Playuav/playuavosd, including the source code, the schematic diagram, and the configuration tools etc.

Inevitably there will be bugs and improper designs. But as an OSD, I don't think it will cause crash:-). Though most functions have been realized, there is still a lot to do, such as the implement of UAVTalk and DJI CAN. If you are interested in it, please share your opinions and suggestions. Thank you.

Config Tool download here. Manual download here.

Configuration video:

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  • I would love to see a terrain vs AGL altitude read out with look ahead, maybe even in the form of a small graph.
  • Hi Pavel, 

    I've ask Tom to make to change if possible

    1/ choose display of airsppeed or grounspeed in config tool

    2/ choose display of relative altitude instead of sea level. 

    3/ I ask Tom to rename video in 2 to video in 1 too.

    4/ did you see the last screen number 3 availbale since yesterday ? really really cool  !! Big thanks to Tom 

    I make some screenshot under Xplane HIL mode of the 3 panel available from playuav osd

    Screen 1


    Screen 2


    Screen 3 (with waypoint and real bearing - very usefull : herre my waypoint are very far from home some they are not so big but normally it's absolutely perfect ) 


    Sure, there some minor bug but it's so pleasant to have minimsod alternative like this Project Playuav osd and Alceosd.

    Having 2 input on the same board for front and rear cam for example is so brillant idea ! 

    Thanks to Tom !!!!  

  • Hi Jean, I did that. I think it should be renamed in the schematic. I wrote it here also. http://fpvlab.com/forums/showthread.php?40658-A-Graphics-OSD-for-AP...

    I had few test flights with Mini APM 2.7.2 and PlayUAV OSD with latest firmware with map. It works perfectly. Except it looks like that Home position is not working correctly at the first screen, circle at the left top. On the map view it is correct. I use external compass located in GPS module. Could Tom or somebody, help me please? Altitude is displayed in level from the sea, it is good, not sure if relative altitude would be better? The airplane is showed correctly on the map, I let it fly with auto mode automatically few times. I posted it also to FPVLab thread here http://fpvlab.com/forums/showthread.php?40658-A-Graphics-OSD-for-AP...

  • Hi pavel > I've plug the playuav osd on a pixfalcon without problem but just need to understand that video in 2 IS video in 1 ! So my advice try to put your cam on video 2 first.


  • PS: I connected it based on following schematic http://www.playuav.com/wiki/doku.php?id=projects:playuavosd:hardware

    projects:playuavosd:hardware [Wiki start]
  • PS: I have connected Video 1 signal, maybe I should to try to use (solder servo connector first) Video 2 signal?

  • Hi Tom,

    Thanks for getting back to me. I started to connect my Mini APM 3.1 and PlayUAV OSD and started to prepare it to be in my custom build flying wing based on FliteTest Blunt Nose Versa. So I purchased 4 Pin JST SH cable with connector from eBay and soldered it to serial cable from PlayUAV OSD. Then I soldered servo connectors for video input and video output. And then connected PlayUAV OSD with serial cable to Mini APM 3.1. It looks like it is getting all the data from APM, shows battery status, GPS status, RSSI value, compass is changing according the change of direction, artificial horizon is changing as well and other things seems to work. I see it on display. The problem is that I do not see my camera Sony Super HAD CCD 600TVL PZ0420M video picture. I only see grey color and the PlayUAV graphical hud on it. So I tried disconnect main battery and connect it. In this case for a quick moment I see my camera input where camera is looking at. It is very strange. After few seconds when PlayUAV OSD initializes, I see the PlayUAV graphical hud, but on grey background without camera input at all. Could you help me please, what could be wrong? I set PlayUAV to PAL mode since my camera is also PAL version. Regards, Pavel

  • Hi Pavel,

    I don't have a Mini APM2.72 board and even have not heard about it before. But I think it should be compatible with APM firmware. In this case, it must have serial ports which are used to send MAVLINK to accessories like radio, OSD. The communication between PlayUAV OSD and FC is through serial port. Banggood should have provided you the serial cable together with the Mini APM. And you should have received a cable from goodluckby to connect APM with OSD(5 pins for APM and 6 pins for Pixhawk). Make sure that the VCC and GND are connected correctly, then pull the wire out and connect it to the right port. The LED on the OSD board will be turned on. Meanwhile, if you do the RX and TX connection correctly, OSD will receive data. You’d better refer to the schematic or the manual.

  • I purchased micro APM "Mini APM2.72 Flight Controller" from banggood and PlayUAV OSD from goodluckbuy. I would like to connect it together, but PlayUAV OSD does not allow to connect to small connector of this micro APM. Could you tell me please where to buy or how to make and where to purchase components to be able to make a cable to be able to connect "Mini APM2.72 Flight Controller" with PlayUAV OSD, please?

  • I have just ordered the OSD .. let's see what it can do ;)

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