A new OSD for FPV - PlayuavOSD

Hi,I want to share a new OSD - the PlayuavOSD. It is new but not totally unfamiliar. It is created by integrating a variety of excellent open-source projects. Many thanks to the developers for their efforts and dedication.

This project is licensed under CC 3.0 BY-SA and GUN v3. You can find all information about this OSD at http://www.github.com/Playuav/playuavosd, including the source code, the schematic diagram, and the configuration tools etc.

Inevitably there will be bugs and improper designs. But as an OSD, I don't think it will cause crash:-). Though most functions have been realized, there is still a lot to do, such as the implement of UAVTalk and DJI CAN. If you are interested in it, please share your opinions and suggestions. Thank you.

Config Tool download here. Manual download here.

Configuration video:

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  • Hi,

    I dont have another VTX (video transmitter I guess) but I tested also directly with the screen - same result - no signal. My board is new - received from Banggood 2 days ago, has AT7456 chip, board version 2015-11-25 Ver 1.

  • Hi, 

    Like you see on my screenshot above, you right : you must have osd display (without signal input).

    But you say "I can't get any video" - for me OSD is not video - it's only osd. 

    Some people have pb with 1st generation Playuav board with max7456 chip. Now it must be AT7456. Cf here :


    Perhaps have you got another VTX to test ?

    Sorry, I can't help you more. 


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  • Hi Jean_Marie,

    thanks - but shouldn't the board  produce the video output  without camera input? I didn't try Video 2 In  but

    I expected to see the video output anyway - it should display all defined in Config tool screens, am I right?

  • Hi, 

    Default video IN is VIDEO 2 IN and VIDEO 2 GND and not Input 1 (signal and gnd) ! 

    It's 1st and 22nd plug from left to right

    look here http://www.playuav.com/wiki/doku.php?id=projects:playuavosd:hardware.

    hope it help ! 

    projects:playuavosd:hardware [Wiki start]
  • I can't get any video from my PlayUAV OSD - connected to Piixhawk Telemetry 1 socket, video in to camera, video out to ImmersionRC video transmitter, red LED is blinking rather slow - but no signs of video on receiver.

    What else can I do to get it working?

  •   Just installed my PlayUav OSD into my Pixhawk, wonderful OSD!  I ordered two more.  Great alternative to Minim.

  • I have found replacement for my old minimosd. As soon as arrive get my first impressions.

  • Some screenshot to show the new change and accuracy of datas made.

    These screenshot show the 3 Panels -

    Some alert and other stuff are not well configured on my side (I just didn t take enough time to make it perfect in osd tool > climb rate for example).

    Because this is done under HIL, is not so accurate but it explain well how it's could be in real condition.





  • Thanks @Jean-Marie PRIGENT to add the the relative altitude and airspeed. The firmware and Config Tool has been published. Open the Config Tool, it will tip you to update. After that, you can use the Config Tool to update the latest OSD firmware. More information can be found at release note "Release_en.txt" under the root folder of Config Tool.

  • Hi, I've work with Tom on another firmware with altitude relative and airspeed instead of groundspeed. Everything is ok now and tested. 

    Tom said he will add some option to choose in config tool if people prefer alt absolute or relative AND groundspeed or airspeed. 

    But for must people, it will be ok with this version.

    Tom must publish it soon on his link above (begining of this thread) 

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