A True Atrocity

Man charged in plot to bomb Pentagon with model airplane

It looks to me that the sad day we all knew would eventually come has arrived. The first person that I have heard of plotting to use R/C planes to bomb the Pentagon and the Capital building. It appears he was planning to use some kind of autopilot given that they stated the plane was to be "GPS guided". Below is a link to the CNN page that has the details. I only hope this doesn't lead to a complete lock down of the R/C and sUAS industry. It is so young and ripe for growth and innovation. 



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  • @trent at MyGeekShow: I couldnt agree with you more. We can all only hope that there wasnt a political agenda aimed at destroying our great hobby. 

  • Really sad news... We have a great hobby, but like all technologies, they can be abused. But that's what this: an abuse of something totally innocent. Even the explosives were designed for something innocent: civil engineering like building roads and bridges. In the end, its not the technologies fault, it's those who act irrationally and out of hate.

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    Good spin! to have our hobby illegal for sure... 

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    If you read some slightly less speculative news sources there are bits of information available that I find really interesting. By favorite is this one from BBC. Rezwan Ferdaus held over Pentagon and Capitol bomb plot

    Also during 2011, Mr Ferdaus began speaking to the agents about his desire to organise an attack on the Pentagon, home of the US military, and the Capitol building in Washington DC, seat of the US Congress.

    Posing as accomplices, they then supplied him with C-4 explosives, a remote-controlled plane and arms.

    That would explain the weird choice of air frames (looks impressive but are VERY hard to fly and not to mention impractical because of the low payload capacity). If we allow for some speculations and read between the lines, I think we can assume this person has little or no experience with R/C airplanes.


  • There was a report about it in morning news...

  • Yeah, pull out your rubberband airplanes LOL

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