The end result has turned into a research platform that is intend to be used as a self-positioning buoy to monitor the ocean environment. The buoy will move to a specific area of the ocean and then drift with the current while monitoring takes place from the on-board instrumentation packages.

What will be monitored:

  • Weather (air temp, pressure, apparent wind speed and direction)
  • Ocean Salinity, PH and Temp.

The platform will be powered by a 100AH LIFePO4 battery charged by a solar array.

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    Good  work, keep us updated.  More photos of the platform and innards will be highly appreciated. Cheers and good luck.

  • Yes. I wanted to test them to see if they could stand up to a salt water environment and still produce power. I had to significantly modify where the power cables exit the panel. The trash can causes the panels to curve to their max rated curve (30%). 

    A small trolling motor int he trash can pushes around the water to simulate ocean travel.

  • Are thoose sunpower cells?

  • Some more info:

    The wind sensor is the Airmar wx100.

    The buoy can be pre-loaded with waypoints to navigate to and then receive additional waypoints while underway in the ocean. I am using rover 2.45 for navigation. This iteration uses a rudder for helm control, but with rover 2.47 (skid steer) this can change.

    Telemetry is transmitted/received from the boat via satellite communications.

    All command and control functions take place via web interface. Telemetry from the boat is stored in the website database and displayed on page.

  • I'm curious about which wind sensor you are using? Anyway best of luck with your project!

  • 100KM
    A "Mystic" catamaran hull as a buoy? You must have started with much higher speed goals. ;)
    So will there be some type of telemetry or control?
  • Can you elaborate on the platform more? Materials, size, propulsion, controls, etc.
  • It sounds amazing! Good luck

  • good、

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