ArduCopter Loiter Tuner / SIM


This is a simulation I'm working on to improve the Loiter control laws and discover optimal gains. I have identical code from Arducopter running in Flash as OO Javascript so I can ensure the behavior is the same as the real thing. I tested the MTEK GPS to find the actual latency and accuracy and then modeled it in code. This allows me to test PIDs and other coding ideas to see how the copter will behave in real life. The copter itself is a simple physics equation and should be fairly accurate. To better tune the SIM, I can compare AC Flash Logs from real flights side-by-side with the SIM flights which also output the same text based logs.

I've already found many areas for improvement in the Loiter code which i've just checked in to the GIT repository. 


Hopefully this tool will serve as a great PID introduction as well. I know I've learned a lot by comparing plots with small changes in the gains. 





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  • can anyone help me why I cant see the video/tutorial or picture in this webpage? I get a blank dark greyed box.

  • ok, thank You for answer    ;o)

  • Developer

    This is so out of date it won't help you. The original was lost when the wiki transitioned.



  • Dear Jason,

    i have the last java version on my xp SP3...but I have just a big black square with nothing inside on this page   :o)

    can You help me please ?

  • Developer


    This is pretty outdated and probably broke when the Wiki was switched over.


    ArduCopter SIM
  • hmm - I can only see a big gray square... :(

  • Can the code from text DJI  be "inspected" to find out how it does what it does so  well 

  • hi jason
    thanks for the sim
    when i was working with your sim some questions constantly was crossing in my mind...
    1.why didn't you use prop size and the size of motor to motor and another things...i think if you use these stuff it will be very very useful than now
    2.this is a suggestion that added auto tuning 

  • also .. it seems to me something strange is happening with windspeeds over 360 cm/s (not sure if thats the exact value) but from this speed upwards the wind has less and less effect on the quad.  


  • Developer

    Gusts are in the next version now in development. They are pseudo random and repeatable gusts so you can plot two flights against each other knowing you have identical conditions. Give me till the weekend...


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