ACCELEROMETER digital readings



So happy with getting the x,y,z axis value of accelerometer on lcd,means all done with interfacing the accelerometer with the kit,now its time to either work with the KALMAN filter or either with simple algo for getting the elivation of our inertial frame of reference with respect to earth inertial frame of reference.
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  • Why don't u just use a Terminal on PC via RS232!? You've got a LCD 17inch with non-limited characters instead of a tiny LCD 16x2! You can also view graph from your sensors data, believe me, it's the most utilized feature you need to work on Kalman filter.
  • well i am not trying to get position with the help of ACCLEROMETER ,rather by combining the result of accelerometer and gyroscope i want to have the inclination of aeromodel with respect to the earth,so as to make the aeromodel stable by the implementation of PID loop.well i will also use the combined result of both to have the feedback for the control of aeromodel to control its controling surfaces so as to move from one GPS coordinate to another.

    well i am thinking to get use KALMAN filter or GENERAL algorithm to have exact inclination.
  • Are you trying to get a position from the accelerometers ?

    Well, there a google conference about that and it doesn't work at all. The problem is that to get the position out of the acceleration, you need to double integrate the accelerations.

    Contrary to derivation, an integration adds a lot of errors. Now think about a double integration ;) IIRC, the result was an error of two meters in one second with an object standing still on a table. if you want more details
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