Activists’ drone shot out of the sky for fourth time


By Matthew Schroyer sUAS News

“As soon as I hit the go home mode, because the GPS and compasses were damaged, it went crazy,” Hindi said. “I flipped off the ‘come home’ mode and went into manual control. It wasn’t working right, but we were able to bring it in for a crash landing anyway.”

“I had more control than I anticipated,” he said. “I couldn’t believe it didn’t just drop out of the sky.”

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  • Ramboky,

    I'm not saying they (animal rights) should do nothing, just that people have been shown plenty of video already. This is not an effective action, time to try something else, be smarter, analyze what is actually going and look at cause and effect. Andrew had a great idea, build some drone targets and give these people something else to shoot at, take the business away from the canned hunts. Maybe the drone targets could shoot back with a laser or something, these rednecks are all ego based creatures, challenge their ego don't confront it directly, that becomes a silly game in an instant. I grew up around these (rednecks) kind of people, if you just wag your finger in their face and tell not to do something, they become set in stone and will die before listening to what you are saying.  

  • It's all adds up to this: It's a horrible idea that no one is going to agree with UNTIL you catch something the populous doesn't like. The ends justify the means I guess.

  • It's kind of strange, people talk about making sure you don't fly around people, or structures, and Kids, (You always have to bring in the kids to help make your point)  We had a post last month about a guy filming a crowd, and within 2 30 minutes the "Safety police" were after him. I guess if the people your filming are doing something that can be considered "not good" then we just turn it around on them and talk about there safety Violations.

    Drones with cameras over private property by anyone (other then in an Emergency situation) is a bad and unsafe idea. People Don't like being filmed without there permission. Try shoving a camera in someones face, and filming everything they do. How long before something happens to the camera? IT doesn't matter if it's attached to a hand, or a drone.  I'm surprised the Paparazzi are not flying these En Masse over Hollywood homes. Is that okay?

  • I don't completely subscribe to the ideas that "If the authorities are not doing anything, then it must be legal".  Authorities overlook illegal activities all the time, especially if it's in their best interests.  But that doesn't make it legal.  Sometimes it takes a citizen to stand up and draw attention to the issue before the authorities will be forces into action.

  • I think the issue here is that the property owner feels that they have the right ti do whatever they want, within the law of course, and there is a general feeling among such people that laws banning this kind of thing could become laws banning hunting entirely. This is why they, along with the National Rifle Association, are fighting attempts to ban these barbaric practices; as a hunter, I find this as loathsome as I do other kinds of animal cruelty disguised as hunting. I applaud tye activists for doing this and hope that no one gets hurt by recklessly fired guns attempting to take down the drones.
  • Tony, seriously?

    Yes, a skyscraper can be built, provided you get the proper approvals.  That approval will depend on where you are going to be building it.  You just try getting approval to build a skyscraper where it will interfere with air traffic.  

    Flying a drone over your property is very different than trespass.  Trespass involves putting your feet on land.  

    Try to get a building permit to build an addition over your neighbor's property.  Just try.

    Your rights to your property extend about 20-30 feet above the land, or above a structure you have built.

  • Ramboky, I think you misunderstand my point, I believe these canned hunts are disgusting!  I'm only saying that the general populace doesn't care about it for more than two seconds, therefore merely bringing attention to the activity is nothing more than a form of masturbation, and they are only using a drone because it is novel and will bring one more moment of fleeting attention, there is no real solution in their actions. All they've done is provoked some weaponized simpletons.

  • I think we can all learn a valuable lesson from this incident:

    Don't fly an unarmed drone too close to people you believe to be immoral when you know them to be carrying shotguns.

  • Will,

    I like your take on this. These "activists" are just putting on a big show, It's hard enough to get people to treat other humans with respect in this world, an animal like a pigeon doesn't rank very high on most peoples priority list. Plenty of reports of these "canned" hunts have been put out there, only eliciting a momentary reaction with the public. Changing this kind of behavior is only going to happen on a generational time frame.

    As a drone enthusiast, stories like this make me cringe out of fear of bureaucratic backlash, but this is how law and policy grow, by constant testing.

    Having just watched the video of the incident, it's obvious that the people doing the shooting are not mature enough to handle their weapons. They have no regard for down range safety! Pathetic excuse for a Sportsman! Any twelve year old who's taken a hunter safety program knows-

    Always know your target and what is behind it and around it! If you can not identify your target, and what is behind or around it, don’t shoot until you can.

    By the way, I say all this as a person who has shot pigeons, not for fun mind you. I've only killed the ones who insisted on building nests in my hay barn and crapping all over my tractor. It turned out to not be very effective however, the only permanent solution came from eliminating the habitat by boxing in the empty spaces around the roof framing. Brains over brawn every time, nerd power!

  • The fact is nobody wants a drone snooping/filming over their backyard or property, if you choose to do so with your craft then don't cry to the authorities when it comes back smoking.

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