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  • After a lot of work today the parts for this will now squeeze onto a 140mm by 200mm print bed.

  • Curious what your build envelope is.
  • Cool, I have an M2 as well. Might have to give your design a try. I recently designed and uploaded this little folding H-quad:

  • @Doug, sorry I just about missed your question.   There is about 450g of plastic on this so I guess half of a 1Kg spool.  What does a spool of PLA cost where you are?  $50?  If so then this frame costs about $25 in plastic plus some nuts and bolts ...and then you add on 10 to 20 times that for motors, ESCs, props, FC, radio, telemetry, FPV gear... :-)

  • @Graham.  I'm using a MakerGear M2 but someone has highlighted it is slightly too wide to print on a Replicator 2. I'm sure I can trim a little off the "hips" so I'll post a slightly narrower update on Thingiverse in the next day or two.

  • At the moment, none.

    I am at the 75% stage of my second CNC router build -- a Momus Design V2.

    The Momus designer has a 3D print head in the works for the machine. Pull the router/spindle off, bolt on the print head, go additive rather than subtractive. Unfortunately, it has been a while since we (Momus builders) have heard any news about the print head. The designer has a day job so, like many of us, his garage business takes second place to his day job.

    What would you say the material cost is for your example airframe? (minus electricity and your time)


  • What kind of printer do you have?

  • Very nice!

    Yes, the tubular arms are much better than the 'lattice' type (as you show on your linked page).

    Quite a while ago I classified the types of multirotor airframes. As you mention there is a cheaper alternative but, 3D printing has been accepted as the go-to tech for conceptual prototyping.

    Again, very nice work.


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