Many owners of small sub-1Kg flying wings or multirotor drones at some point encounter the need to cover more area in less time without (hopefully) sacrificing too much ground resolution, or just increase productivity when confronted with large area survey projects. In many other cases, small drones can’t just cope with the wind which shows no sign of easing, the deadline for work completion is fast approaching and there’s still many more acres left to map and process. These challenges are minimized or just eliminated with a larger drone that not only flies for longer, but also faster, which translate into better wind penetration and better area coverage per flight. Adding a higher resolution camera and PPK capabilities the system becomes a truly winner for serious surveyors who want to map any project, in any conditions.


The proven Aeromapper 300 along with the 42 Mp RGB camera and PPK system triples the productivity of smaller drones, offering a rugged and user-friendly fixed wing solution with unprecedented ground resolution and accuracy.


With the Sony 42 Mp camera, UAV operators can easily map 4.7 sq.km at 1.5 cm/pixel, or 9.9 sq.km at 3 cm/pixel per flight. Best of all, the data obtained delivers 2-3cm accuracy level with the included PPK upgrade, without ever setting up Ground Control Points.


Serious resolution, serious precision. Unrivaled ROI per acre.


Hand-launch it, land it vertically, anywhere. Nothing beats the simplicity of a parachute equipped fixed wing drone.


In addition to the 42 Mp camera and PPK upgrade, Aeromao offers other swappable payloads for the Aeromapper 300 such as:

- Micasense RedEdge MX

- Micasense Altum

- Headwall Photonics Nano-Hyperspectral sensor

- ADS-B: live air traffic and transponder

- Flir Duo Pro R: 4K video/stills and thermal infrared

- Standard 24 Mp RGB camera

- 24 Mp RGB with Sequoia Parrot Multiespectral simultaneously: very popular setup for surveying and agriculture

- 24 Mp RGB with Flir thermal simultaneously


 The Aeromapper 300 can be configurable to other payloads not listed above thanks to the large internal space available and its modular construction.


As a cherry on top, the Aeromapper 300 can be ordered with your two choices of image processing software: Pix4DMapper or Agisoft Metashape, to complete the bundle.

Aeromao Inc. Is currently offering a one-time limited time offer of Aeromapper 300 with 42Mp camera and PPK system for less than $20,000 USD, making it the most attractive turnkey sUAS for professional surveying .


The Aeromappers have been the choice of different UAV programs both in Canada and abroad thanks to its dependability for commercial use, Universities and scientific research. Aeromao also provides training & operational support, payload customizations & consultation, service and maintenance in order to implement future-proof UAV programs, so that customers can focus in the data acquisition easily and continuously.


The 42Mp RGB camera is also available for the Aeromapper Talon here.

 More information on the Aeromapper 300 can be found here.

Get in touch to get and quote here.


About Aeromao

Is the Canadian leading UAV manufacturer, developer of the Aeromapper series of turnkey unmanned aerial vehicles for mapping, surveying, precision agriculture, remote sensing, inspection and surveillance.

With exports to 50 countries since 2012, Aeromao Inc. offers a line of products that adapt very quickly to market demands and to unique client’s applications, where no other UAV manufacturer goes. The Aeromappers have been used by corporations, research organizations, universities and government agencies around the globe for a great variety of applications.

Aeromao not only manufactures and sells the Aeromappers and related sub-systems, but also extends its services to:

  • Payload & drone customizations
  • Flight training and support
  • Flight operational support
  • Assistance with difficult missions, difficult terrain
  • UAV program implementation and consulting
  • Image acquisition service worldwide

For more information visit   www.aeromao.com

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