Aeromapper Talon mapping drone

It's been already a while ago since we started selling one of our newest drones based on the Talon UAV airframe: the Aeromapper Talon.

In this occasion we wanted to use a large foam aircraft, something that was compact and yet large to offer 60 minutes endurance carrying a Sony Nex 5 with wide angle lens (as standard sensor, but more sensors are available). We chose the Talon, since structuraly and aerodynamically is a better compromise than other designs.

This UAV is very easy to launch, cruises at a low speed (40-45 km/h), has a small turning radius and has a parachute landing system. This makes it ideal for medium to small survey areas with very tight launch and landing spaces.

The V tail is quickly removable for easy transport.

Includes long range control and data link system (20+ kms).

And as usual, comes ready to fly and each unit we manufacture is completely flight tested. Includes a  fully detailed User Manual with step by step instructions to get the user airborne in no time and with no training, although training is also available. Of course, it has APM and soon we’ll be transitioning to Pixhawk when we verify the maturity of this autopilot for fixed wing.

The Aeromapper Talon can already accommodate many different payloads with automatic triggering, including many variations of the Sony Nex 5 (converted camera bodies).

For more information on available payloads for this UAV please visit

For more information on the Aeromapper Talon please visit

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  • Mauricio, is there any user forum for the Aeromapper Talon??

  • Looks awesome. Love the parachute.

  • Gimbal is an asset when flying with flying wings (no tail).

    Can you elaborate on this a little more, please Mauricio?  Nice product, btw!  I think it's great that people are basing commercial products on open-source hardware.   

  • Mauro,

    no gimbal, we don't think it is necessary. Gimbal is an asset when flying with flying wings (no tail).

    Yes, camera triggers via IR controlled by APM, by distance

  • MR60

    Hi Mauricio,

    This is a nice product and in fact identical to mine except for the parachute and the wing extensions I systematically deliver with airbotaervices fixed wing. I do not find your price exaggerated considering the work we have to do to produce such a product.

  • Hi Mauricio. Do you use gimbal on your Talons?? And how do you trigger the camera? Do you use IR commanded via APM? Thanks in advance! Regards.

  • no worries..

    I'm not sure about the exct price of the ebee, but I think for the price of one of those someone can get two Aeromapper Talons fully equipped!

  • For sure Mauricio you have the right to make profit ! I don't want to start an argument here, I'm sure your UAV performs very well. It's just that I have it difficult to associate making high profits and using open sourced software and hardware.

  • Certainly the eBee is a good UAV for small surveys, but many of our actual customers started with an eBee and they realize they need a bigger UAV that can handle more payloads and that perform better in crosswinds. Flying wings are not good for mapping, they don't have rudder and during crosswind they bank constantly.

    If I could just show how many customers start with eBees and then they contact us for a larger UAV....

  • Superwallon, I think you answered well your own question,many hours of setting, testing, tuning, working on the frame, hours of labour per unit are high, plus the case, accessories, support.....  price is not inflated. And we have the right to make a profit right?

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