Aeromao from Canada is pleased to announce that the Aeromappers line of commercial grade drones have been added to the list of compliant UAV systems of Transport Canada. This distinction allows Canadian organizations using Aeromapper drones to apply for Compliant Operator status.   

A total of four drone system models the company produces have been added to the list of compliant UAV systems for advanced operations, according to Transport Canada UAS Standard:

  • Aeromapper Talon
  • Aeromapper 300
  • (New) Quad Mapper VTOL: fixed wing system with VTOL capabilities
  • (New) Nano Mapper: sub 1Kg. fixed wing drone suited for agriculture and high affordability.

The Quad Mapper VTOL and Nano Mapper are two new UAV system models that will soon be made available to the public.  

Two more variants of the Aeromapper Talon are currently awaiting confirmation from Transport Canada to be added to the list of compliant drones: Aeromapper Talon Amphibious and Aeromapper Talon LITE (a 3hr endurance version also suitable for BVLOS operations).

Aeromao’s UAV solutions officially meet Transport Canada’s standards of safety and efficiency. We are truly excited to continue assisting Canadian and foreign customers with their drone programs, not only by ensuring that our systems continue meeting the latest regulatory policy changes but also by diversifying our line of commercial drone systems that fit all customer requirements and budgets” says Mauricio Ortiz, CEO of Aeromao.

The Aeromappers have demonstrated over the years a history of safe operation in some of the harshest environmental conditions both in Canada and other countries around the world.

For more information please visit www.aeromao.com


About Aeromao Inc.
Is the Canadian leading UAV solutions provider and manufacturer, developer of the Aeromapper series of turnkey unmanned aerial vehicles for mapping, surveying, precision agriculture, remote sensing, inspection and surveillance.
With exports to more than 48 countries since 2012, Aeromao Inc. offers a line of products that adapt very quickly to market demands and to unique client’s applications, where no other UAV manufacturer goes. The Aeromappers have been used by corporations, research organizations, universities and government agencies around the globe for a great variety of applications.
Aeromao not only manufactures and sells the Aeromappers and related sub-systems, but also extends its services to:

  • Payload & drone customizations
  • Flight training and support
  • Flight operational support
  • Assistance with difficult missions, difficult terrain
  • UAV program implementation and consulting
  • Image acquisition service worldwide
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  • @d_j: that "plastic mold" as you call it can be seen flying here: https://www.aeromao.com/products/aeromapper-300/

    It is a full carbon professional fixed wing drone that has been in service since 2013, manufactured in Canada. I suggest you to first do your research before commenting with such prejudice, otherwise your ignorance about the UAV industry will show up buoyantly.

    Aeromapper 300
    Aeromapper 300 The AM300 is a carbon fiber & Kevlar rugged - industrial grade fixed-wing drone designed for mapping and surveying. Easily hand-launch…
  • what is depicted in the image, looks at higher resolution as a non-flyable plastic mold

This reply was deleted.