Our NavSpark Indiegogo campaign brings latest GPS / GLONASS / Beidou / QZSS / SBAS satellite navigation technology and high-precision centimeter-level accuracy RTK technology accessible for everyone. Arduino programmable feature make it simple to use for electronic projects. Should be of interest for UAV applications.

If there is any question, I’ll be happy to answer here. Or can email us at navspark@skytraq.com.tw Thank you!



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  • In case anybody is interested we just launched the simpleRTK2B, the first low cost evaluation board for the ZED-F9P GNSS module, compatible with Arduino and Pixhawk autopilots.
    If you want to see all the details you can go here: https://kck.st/2NhLhBW


  • Is is still possible to get the $50 two NS-RAW receiver deal?

  • Any updates?

  • T3

    That would be great! I hope so!

  • Do we think we'll have support for the NavSpark in APM?

  • oops


  • Hi Jeff,

        Sparc V8 is the mid 90's sparc 32 bit big endian architecture for which I am a kernel and solaris device driver buildmeister formerly for SunSoft/Sunlabs.

    and NUTTX if it supports anything supports 32 bit big endian sparc(which sparc V8 is) but I am double checking to make sure.

    Your chip may be quite shrunk from the earlier mid 90's V8 sparc but inside its all the same to moi..

    . and didnt see  a 1 raw ,1 gps/glonass combo being offered or a single NS-RAW set... otherwise would have already ordered 2 but dont need 2 NS-RAW given the slow speeds of that device I need one for flying and one to make a local beacon(in NS-RAW mode) that I can then xmit corrections to over a rf channel...


    ps I will start looking into how to build NUTTX/APM  on sparc in earnest when I can see a chip to actually run testing on(havent looked for old sparc V8 cpu emulators but suspect QEMU may be able to handle(somewhat))

  • It is not NS-RAW receiver alone that gets RTK accuracy. NS-RAW is a GPS receiver with carrier phase raw measurement output. Open-source RTK software such as RTKLIB can be used to achieve RTK accuracy. NS-RAW is S1315F-RAW GPS module with USB and RF connector interface in the form factor of NavSpark board. Michele Bavaro has an interesting blog comparing low cost RTK receiver results using RTKLIB: http://michelebavaro.blogspot.tw/2012/02/low-cost-rtk-performance-r...

  • Developer

    You know, I've never seen any open source project get RTK working to the point where it produces better results than a UBLOX (which doesn't use RTK).  I'm a little skeptical that a board for under $50 including the main CPU and GPS can produce cm level accuracy...or to be more precise provide better accuracy than the standard UBlox LEA-6H that is the current standard.

    I'd love more than anything to be proved wrong of course.

  • Sure its great to know what it can do but its more impressive to the masses to see just how well it works in a video. I will prolly buy one just to try it out, however im sure you will get 10x more customers if you show them rather than tell them how great it is.

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