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  • hi all

    for all of you that have a quad going already, i was wondering what kind of control scheme you're using for attitude control. simple pid?
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    No it's not scripting. It's real and you can listen their podcasts of these systems on DIY drones. The thing what story does not tell in here is that they are using AscTec quads and Vicon high speed motion capture camera system to capture position, it only works indoors on controlled environment. But still it's amazing work what they are doing.
  • This is beautiful. Like others i too hope its nt a scripted video. Either ways, its supremely stable. The maneuvers are way mature than mk's and uavp's. I wish to meet these guys some day.
  • FYI, I am in the middle buying a similar, portable 8 camera system where I work for a 20'x20'x8' volume and the price is about $40k. The reason people will spend big bucks on these systems is that they provide position and orientation data for multiple rigid bodies in the observed volume at > 200Hz. I hope to have some Arducopters flying around with a system like this sometime this summer. It looks like I need to shop around for some good netting! I was thinking about getting a makerbot and trying to print some prop guards, but I think I have seen lighter-weight guards made from ~1.5" metal or plastic straps or ribbons wrapped around in circles.

    The amount of control authority they are demonstrating when it "catches" itself, after it "throws" itself through the hole at a particular angle is very inspirational. I can't wait to read the paper! The future is going to be a lot of fun. It's getting harder to imagine where things will be in five years.
  • This is very impressive.
  • That is really impressive. I do hope it's not just scripted from trial and error....
  • That is incredible.

    I imagine performing complex maneuvers like that also involves some route planning too, a lot of work went into this.
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    Really impressive!!
  • impressive video,amazing job!
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