AlceOSD - Graphical OSD for APM/PX4



Due to the limitations of minimosd, for some time that I've been working on developing a new OSD for APM/PX4.

As of today, AlceOSD 0v3 is available for sale at:

Firmware available at:

Documentation is available at (WIP):

The firmware is open source project so all kind of contributors are welcome!

Let me know your thoughts and new ideas for the OSD!

Latest flight (hw 0v2):

First flight (hw 0v1):

Batch of the first 10 prototype boards:


Assembled board (2.5 x 5.0 cm, 6 grams weight):


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  • Boards are available at

    Square board (36x36mm) version available soon:


  • Not updating this topic so often as most of the action happens here:

  • New firmware and updater tool released:!topic/alceosd/aQSVA8R5h9M

  • Hi! How does it show in the fatshark googles? Minimosd has light white streaks in fatshark googles with 250mW tx. Also, anyone has tested with sony camera PZ0420M also known for having issues with minimosd?

  • Thanks Sergio. Yes more voltages can be monitored easily.

  • Excelente trabajo Luis. En Colombia estamos muy pendientes de este desarrollo ....

    That possibility is there to monitor the voltage of two batteries?

  • Jake, I don't think Luis has plans for a color version.

    We'll get there at some point.  Color is the future, for sure.  Color alone won't necessarily make for a better OSD, so this work is an important step in the right direction.

  • 100KM

    Wow, this is really coming along nicely Luis! I'm donating right now.. that last one is mine!!

  • I've uploaded the same video but with a better resolution:

  • Jake, I don't think Luis has plans for a color version.

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