Hi, I'm Adrian from Hungary.

Let me introduce my vision which became reality!

My idea was to make a portable ground station that includes all necessary components for FPV flying or piloting an Arducopter. I decided to use these parts from my previous ground station:

  • Futaba FF9 transmitter with FASST module
  • 868 MHz 3DR telemetry module + USB FTDI panel
  • 8" LCD screen + control panel
  • time base corrector (for screen to avoid sleep)
  • Iftron nano 5.8 GHz video receiver

I decided to add extra functionality to my ground station. Instead of using my Mobile phone, I bought an Android MiniPC (MK808b sunvel clone) and connected to the LCD via HDMI. My first idea was to use a touchpad for input, but I couldn't find any that could match my requirements. So finally I bought an USB ring mouse! The mission control app is Droidplanner.

After I had all the required parts in front of me, I started to design the shape with a 3D engineering software. Here is the final result (rendered 3D images):




Basically it has a top and bottom layer made of 2 mm black glass-fiber plate and FDM-printed spacers/side plates. 

The ground station has the following sockets/peripheries:

  • 2x USB and 1X USB OTG port
  • balancer port for battery
  • video and audio RCA output
  • trainer port for simulator
  • 12V DC input for using external power supply
  • 3 antennas: 2,4 GHz transmitter, 5.8 GHz video receiver, 868 MHz telemetry
  • port for teach panel of time base corrector

I'm using 9 cells of 18650 size Li-ion (3,7V) in 3P3S configuration. With 1.3A measured consumption ground station can operate more than 4 hours!

After I received all parts, I started to put it together. It took 2 weeks, with endless amount of soldering...and also had to make some PCBs for trim buttons, LCD control, power distribution, etc.

Here is the final result:

3689545991?profile=originalBoth video input or mission control can be shown on the screen:


Here are the external connections: 






The ring mouse and the power switches:



UPDATE: Under the hood...


Finally I'd say thanks to the following team/people:

  • Ground Zero (www.groundzero.hu) for help in 3D printing
  • Arthur Benemann for Droidplanner
  • my friend for sharing his CNC mill station

For further information, please connect me by mail: nhadrian@gmail.com

I'm not planning to produce since it would need serious investment. For example, the FF9 and the 8" LCD screen that I'm using are discontinued, so replacement should be bought...


Best regards


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  • very nice try to add another screen at 45 degree for video so that you dont have to change between video and planner.

    good work keep it up.

  • and what left at the price?

  • I am working on a similar project for a month now on the base of a 9xr, 5" screen... but far from the final product. however I am planning on small production when it will be ready. expecting a prototype by November. I already modeled all elements in 3d...


    your work is super nice and really amazing. in regards of the 8" you now have acer iconia w8. it runs native windows and therefore supports mission planner.

    but frankly... 8" iconia on a remote makes it super super big!

  • Admin

    Ver 3.0  is not bad either except it is more of RC tray with decent add on box holding the guts together. It is no where near the ver 4.0  but  Good enough for me.  Just throw it  away and tell no one except me :).

  • This was V3.0. I don't have any photos of V1 and V2...

    Electronics were built in the bottom "box" under the transmitter.

    And later I built a small case for my mobile phone next to the screen.



  • Admin


    Gr8,  thanks for all the ideas. Really appreciated by the community , I am sure.   So this one is Ver 4.0.

    Now  where are the photos of the terrible ones(beta  ver 1.0........3.0 ) ?   :)))

    "So never give up to step from prototype one to the next!!! (I had 3 different ground stations before, they were look terrible.)"

  • Hi,

    Thanks for you all guys!

    The side parts are all 3D printed, and the spacers under the switches, generally all black plastic parts except transmitter gimbals. 

    The top/bottom/battery holder plates are black 2mm GF plates (glass fiber). First I thought in carbon but it is really expensive. And also it is conductive, so isolating would be even more important!!!

    So finally I decided to use GF. It is still strong enough and looks great, and way cheaper.

    The main reason why I shared my project was to give idea for DIY members, how to integrate everything. It is possible even in household conditions, but takes LOK of work and also money. But POSSIBLE!!!

    So never give up to step from prototype one to the next!!! (I had 3 different ground stations before, they were look terrible.)

    Best regards


  • Admin


    Tnx for the under the hood peek.  Ok , now that is looooot of soldering, some hand made PCB ( light green ),lot  more than few wires that one could trouble shoot and heavy mechanics.

    The mechanic for this machine must be really skilled one.  Awesome work.   Which part is 3D printed?  Is the case carbon fiber ( has a CF look inside view)? Is the center antenna(red) hand made or if not where did you buy that?  I do have spare JR  6 channel RC( used for training with buddy link) ,  I think I will try this some day soon.  I don't know much about kickstarter or if there will be enough of real orders though every one of us here has his mouth wide open :).  In any case I can't usually import RC with so many antenna sticking out without heavy risk of getting it confiscated at customs  :(((.  So home brew/DIY is only choice right now I guess.

    Congrats,you have a winner.

  • So have you used it outside?  How visible is the screen in direct sunlight?

  • Nice work, Adrian, congrats! I'm walking around this thema about 6 month. Hope to give birth my Frankenstein soon. "I'll be back" (c)...

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