On Nov 18th at 11:30 AM a member asked the following on the AMA forum:

"If the NPRM happens in June 2011, what happened recently that made AMA say we have to do stuff 'now'? Cause 'now' aint June2011. "

On that same day by 4:00 PM his post was deleted. Why is the AMA afraid to answer a simple question to an issue they themselves raised? Why did they feel the need to delete his question. He had posted several times and his questions as well several other questions by several other members were deleted. This happens all the time over there but I actually documented this one with timed web snapshots. Are they afraid to answer or is there something "strange" going on in Muncie?


Just another Govt Document about the propsed rules. Note they are specifically concerned about "operating recreational remote control model and toy aircraft in the NAS" not sUAS. Quite different concept than other FAA documents that talk about sUASes.

Available here

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  • If the "idiots" were out in the hills I wouldn't have a problem, it is crashing in the middle of a crowded suburb that scares me. At least hunters usually shoot each other.
  • I don't know after seeing that post about a plance crashing in a suburb I had to question hunting vs UASes and which is more dangerous. Then I remember an incident about 7 years ago when a guy had his horse shot out from under him during muzzle/bow season by a muzzle loader hunter from 50 yards away. Then there are the hunters who don't identify their target and backdrop before firing...

    Either way this hobby might have it's fair share of idiots but at least they aren't out in the hills with guns.
  • I was being sarcastic. However a recent blog here made me realize that some people with sUASes are more dangerously irresponsible than any hunter I have ever known. Maybe the FAA and AMA are both right, we need to be regulated and insured. It only takes a couple fools to ruin it for everyone.
  • Duane Brocious: That is mind blowing. Being an avid hunter I hear about people getting shot every year out hunting. How many RC accidents are there annually? Why is this so regulated? As long as you stay low and away from airports they should step off our fun.
  • If it wasn't for the insurance I am betting they would disappear. There is USAMA for under 20# aircraft though. There is also homeowners that has to be used up before the AMA insurance kicks in although the USAMA insurance will cover you before homeowners is needed.
    I don't need insurance to go hunting but I have to have to fly foamie at an AMA field.
    No wonder the FAA is cracking down on this deadly hobby.
  • I think the AMA just looks out for there self. I been / WAS a AMA member for years, but my thoughts have changed towards them. I respect the safety rules and follow them, but they hi jack anything that will make them money. Like the Extreme Flight Championship use to be held in Troy, OH every year, once AMA seen it was a big event, they had to get there hands in it and take money away from local businesses and moved it to AMA headquarters like all the other events.
    And they cant support local clubs very well, they cant even send a AMA rep or district rep out to events to help support AMA events at local fields. Its seems they are very shady sometimes, but they want my $58.00 each year.

    Wow, I sound pretty salty............ LOL

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