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AMA response blasts FAA

3689602326?profile=originalWow. The AMA response to the new FAA rules is scorching: 

States AMA President Bob Brown, “The FAA interpretive rule effectively negates Congress’ intentions, and is contrary to the law. Section 336(a) of the Public Law states that, ‘the Federal
Aviation Administration may not promulgate any rule or regulation regarding a model  aircraft…’, this interpretive rule specifically addresses model aircraft, effectively establishes rules that model aircraft were not previously subject to and is in direct violation of the congressional mandate in the 2012 FAA reauthorization bill.” The interpretive rule reflects the FAA’s disregard for and its unfamiliarity with the makeup of the modeling community. Nearly 20% of the AMA membership is 19 years old or younger and an even greater percentage is retirees over the age of 65. FAA’s intention to impose a strict regulatory approach to the operation of model aircraft in the hands of our youth and elderly members threatens to destroy a wholesome and enriching activity enjoyed by a vast cross-section of our society.

“AMA cannot support this rule.” said AMA Executive Director Dave Mathewson. “It is at best  ill-conceived and at worst intentionally punitive and retaliatory. The Academy strongly requests the FAA reconsider this action. The AMA will pursue all available recourse to dissuade enactment of this rule.”

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    @Gary, that list highlights the problem very well. This is not about making the air safe for the "little man", but large corporations protecting their assets.

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    You need to lobby ASTM F-38 and the ARC 2 fellows follow the money. The AMA does not have the clout that DoD vendors do. All of this new technology will fall outside of model aircraft flying if you are not careful. Which is crazy as I can see Stabilization, GPS and RTL being in just about every receiver in the next 5 years. What do I care, I was in the UK and part of the process when the sensible rules were created and will be the same here. 

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    The AMA does not have a seat at the committee resolving our needs, ARC 2. These people do. (Or did a couple of years ago)

    UAS2people.jpg http://www.suasnews.com/2011/11/10245/uas-arc-2-0/

  • I have long held a very dim view of the AMA and have been completely uninterested in membership. Angry old men yelling at kids on their lawns and all. However after seeing the FAA's latest breathtakingly offensive move, I do believe I need to hire some angry old men to yell long and loud at the FAA.

    As of 10 minutes ago, I'm an AMA member.

    (Perhaps this is all a public/private sector scheme to boost AMA membership? It will work exceedingly well.)

  • It just so happens that I joined in May after having meant to get around to joining for years. Extra proud to be a member now.

  • Just joined this morning.
  • Up till now many of our members thought the AMA was not working in our best interests.

    But I have to say once the FAA starts going berserk it really feels good to have the AMA in our corner.

    They can actually afford lawyers and have quite a few politicians as friends and members.

    We have a nice Louisiana Pacific toxic waste dump as our AMA flying field and happy to have it although less so on dry dusty days (fly ash).

  • I think the AMA feels betrayed by the FAA. They had worked together to come up with rules for hobby SUAS and FPV. They also realize the next generation of members are going to come from FPV'ers. Also the FAA is starting to make inroads to enforce rules on hobbyist. 

    I've been an on and off member for 25 years but the last 8 years I've been a member so I can fly at the local field. I'm going to make sure I keep renewing my membership now.

    Thanks AMA for taking a strong stance.

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    I have been flying models for over 25 years and am only now ashamed to say that I never supported the AMA by becoming a member. Registering ASAP.
  • Renewing my membership.

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