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  • I am locking this thread now. Any firther details on the case will be revealed in another blog.
  • Let's all just acknowledge the fact that we have strong emotions toward these things, to the point where they become abusive, and move on. We're not in a position to litigate or decide any of these cases - that's what the courts are there for. By "wishing" our will upon others, all we're doing is alienating friends in a community where we all share something in common - the love of UAV's. Is that really wise or productive?

    I used to be very much annoyed and upset by these things, to the same extreme that some people on here have shown (whose posts were deleted). It literally took me decades to realize my energy was being misspent. Once I finally did realize that, I began filtering myself by asking "is there a benefit to my actions?" Eventually, I learned how to profit from things that I strongly disliked or felt were unfair (specifically - the stock market).

    Let's all realize that our opinions, collective or singular, are worth much less than legal precedent. We can't "wish" our will upon something, nor can we change something by saying it should be different. We can, however, agree that things are broken - and leave it at that.
  • I have no problem with you disagreeing. Howevr, claiming your opinion is law is RA at best and the personal attacks are uncalled for.

    Nix the thread?

    If you aren't allowed to break forum rules you threaten to ruin everyone elses ntelligent commentary?

  • This thread should be deleted. Non agreeing posts are being censored. This is Duane's dictatorship.


    Delete another one of my posts and I'll nix the thread.

  • I have deleted some RA and abussive posts.

    Please keep it civil.

  • @HK - I agree with your sentiments that tort reform is long overdue.  I agree with most peoples' sentiments that we live in a litigious society, where some "professional victims" use it as a way of making a living.  However, that being said, I do not instantaneously and blindly agree that this is one of those cases... not without seeing the facts, first.  We (the general public - in our unofficial assessments) should judge cases on their merits, not on speculation and personal irks that we have.  That's just my opinion, after years of judging blindly and then realizing how wrong I was.


    As far as accidents being "accidents" - as you well know already, in the case of negligence, fault can be assigned.  An unlicensed driver buys a car and promptly kills a woman by running a red light.  Under your logic, it was an "accident."  Actually, no... it was gross negligence and manslaughter, at a minimum.  The family is indeed entitled to recover for their mental anguish and emotional distress.


    As to your car insurance... it's there to make you whole again.  Case in point - when my Miata convertible was damaged by a reckless driver, I was entitled to rent and be reimbursed for a similar convertible - not just the cheapest (Hyundai) rental car on the lot.  In other words, the negligent party is responsible for all the expenses required to make me "whole" again - which includes maintaining the lifestyle I'm accustomed to.  It's only fair.  Why should anyone be allowed to lower my standard of living, as a result of their negligence?


    As I said before, I do share your sentiments when it comes to tort reform.  However, that does not mean I paint with a broad brush and judge all cases as abusive.  To do so would be ignorant on my part.

  • That's where you're dead wrong. People are not entitled to these things. That's exactly what's wrong with the court system. You are NOT entitled to win the lottery because you were in an accident.


    By attending this event, the spectators MUST assume a level of risk and personal responsibility. To strike it rich by getting hit by an airplane is despicable.

  • HK, You have rights that you choose not use, please do not attack others for understanding and invoking their own rights. People are entitled to these things whether you like the law or not.

  • Developer

    Props are very dangerous, they can cause severe injury, many fingers have been lost. A small quad at full power can cut you badly!

    Usually at launch or take off, not landing or crashing. A throttle can get stuck wide open causing a high speed crash.

    I have a safe RC Flying record to date, but it only takes one bad injury, to stop your hobby.

    I always have eye protection and it has saved my eyes a few times... 

  • I was involved in one accident. I did use my car insurance to fix my car and the car I hit. That's what it's there for, not to compensate me for my mental anguish, loss of sex or dry cleaning...
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