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  • The AMA is the insurer, land owner, safety rule provider and sanctioner of the activity in the incident.

    They are involved big time. That is not to say they are responsible or not, that is for the court to decide.

  • The problem in this country (USA) is that Law Schools are pooping out new lawyers by the thousands every year. There are way too many lawyers. So any little accident and they come scavenging around to file a lawsuit. Someone is at fault and someone must pay. It's clogged up our courts with thousands of petty lawsuits. Not to say that this lawsuit is petty. In this case, if this woman was injured by the plane, then she should get compensated for medical bills and loss of work. But to say the AMA is at fault, is stretching it a bit. The AMA and it's entire membership is one of the safest organizations around.

  • HK, I assume you never use your home or automobile insurance since you believe you are never entitled to any damages.


  • The funny thing is these incidents are called "accidents" not "intentionals." People are not entitled to everything under the sun just because they were in an "accident." Tort reform now!
  • @Duane - Precisely... and you'd be entitled to sue for recovery, including services you were entitled to but had to pay for out-of-pocket due to her injury.  If she did your laundry, and now you have to take your clothes to the cleaners, you're entitled to reimbursement - you're always entitled to be made "whole" again.

    @Taylor - A waiver or disclaimer does not absolve the host from gross negligence, and most courts will invalidate that provision if it's in a waiver.  Think about it... you're never entitled to physically harm someone, even if they agree to it.  Otherwise, a "host" (amusement park) could set up an event and not worry about safety, knowing that nobody could sue them even if they failed to properly maintain their equipment.


  • Waivers are pretty much useless esp. in a negligence case. Ask a lawyer.

  • There is always a risc when attending such an event. Audience members should just say a waiver. Solves everything..done :)
  • If my wife gets hurt and she can't work and I have to hire help to take care of the kids (also consrtium ) then I would be sueing too. 

  • One of the biggest injury cases in model aviation was when the AMA had to pay $1.3 Million to a spectator who had crippling injuries to his leg.

    Why does everyone assume that the plaintiff is a scam artist? People do get hurt, some seriously.

  • Still never gotten injured or been the inflicter of injury after 5 years.  Only crashed into 1 truck, but it hit exactly at the right angle, on a window, after being slowed by a tree, to bounce off.
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