Ammunition Distributor Takes Aim At Drones

Drone-Munition.jpgSnake River Shooting Products, an ammunition and firearms products distributor, is now taking aim at drones, literally. Their new Drone Munition is being sold with the fear-mongering tagline, "prepare for the drone apocalype! The invasion of privacy!" When asked on Facebook, a representative of the company explained that they are not encouraging the potential Federal crime of shooting down unmanned aircraft. Instead, they are merely selling a self defense aid. If you would like to leave them your thoughts, I have linked to the Facebook post here

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  • I made gift for my brother, bought Dron Munition. It was very easy and not so expensive. Bought it here . Brother playing with it all free time!

  • Comment by Martin Truran on Wednesday
    I have one of those, that's why my aircraft never come back :-(

    Cos U missed? You must to require them to refunding for bad munition 8)

  • Fighting irresponsible with ignorant is wrong
  • I personally think they are truly out of their minds,

    They are opening themselves to a whole raft of potential law suits.

    You can't advocate shooting something you're not supposed to shoot and sell the ammunition labeled for that express purpose.

    I don't know if they think this is a joke or a statement on their position on drones, but I think they have really put their foot in it in any case.

    These guys are idiots.

  • Were people this afraid of airplanes and cars when they were first introduced?

  • Just another capitalist trying to jump on a wave.

  • Moderator
    I have one of those, that's why my aircraft never come back :-(
  • Time to build a drone with a new sensor. The "Dickhead" sensor that just makes the drone fly in the opposite direction !

  • Honestly, this is so Charleton Heston inspired American rubbish.

    Of course they are promoting shooting of hobbysist drones.

    Just another way to make a buck.

  • New level of hystreia, next level wiil be munition for downing the drone pilot

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