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I am working on a VTOL concept and thought I would post it here.  I hope to get as much feedback as possible from anyone who has any.  The depicted airframe is the simplest embodiment that would be capable of both rotary and fixed wing flight.  Alternative versions could look very much like a conventional helicopter having a stationary fuselage and a very small tail rotor or control surface.  This is basically just my website copied and pasted.  This is a concept only at this point, no prototype. Also, the ducted fans were just for simplicity for the animation, not necessarily for the working aircraft.
Thanks for looking.

- Joe
Thank You,
Joe Renteria
Vertical takeoff
Transition to fixed wing flight
Transition to hover
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  • Hi Mike, sorry, the edfs were just to make the animation easier. The wings really are the aircraft, so as long as they have pitch control everything should be good, the fuselage just hangs there. Think of it like two xplusones or quadshots connected together at the wingtips, with a payload hanging between them.
  • What about payloads? It is quite hard to distribute payload equally near the center of mass. Having it not equally distributed should cause massive vibrations in hover mode.

  • On a more helpful note, you need to work on pitch control. tilting your wings is not an effective method of pitch control.

  • the term "electric ducted fan" is not allowed to be used with the terms "efficient" or "not that loud" or "these make a lot of sense, lets use them"

  • Also, you can put a tail rotor on it to keep the fuselage stationary if needed.
  • Hi Guillermo, that would mean a thrust to weight ratio of around 2 to 1, or worse. The idea is to lift with the wings for efficiency.
  • i think the spinning frame will present some flat spin issues. why not tilt the wings 90 degrees and take off like a quadcopter then transition to fixed wing flight?

  • Hi Martin, I think you may be right there. I would love to see that flying wing. Can it be found online anywhere?
  • It's a very interesting idea. First issue I see is that you probably can't rely on differential thrust alone. At least you are going to have to increase the moment arm of those motors.

    I once saw a flying wing design that shifted the propeller to the wingtip so it became a monocopter and then landed in that configuration.

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    Tailless with rotary wing. :)) 1-th place !

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