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Sergey Kirillov commented on Simon D. Levy's blog post Machine-vision prototyping with HackflightSim + OpenCV
"Nicely done.

I'm doing very similar things with PX4 stack and builtin Gazebo/ROS simulation."
Jul 8, 2016
Sergey Kirillov commented on Joe Renteria's blog post An efficient VTOL fixed wing/rotary wing that does not need a rotor head.
"What about payloads? It is quite hard to distribute payload equally near the center of mass. Having it not equally distributed should cause massive vibrations in hover mode."
Nov 18, 2015
Sergey Kirillov replied to Hugues's discussion How to reduce the Auto take off initial "drop" ? in X-UAV Talon
"Check that pitch angle for TAKEOFF mission item is greater than zero. I usually set it to 20 degrees, this gives good start."
Jul 10, 2015
Sergey Kirillov commented on Mirko Denecke's blog post BBBMINI a Linux autopilot based on ArduPilot and BeagleBone Black
"Good work. It is not clear from the docs how are you doing RC Output?"
Mar 25, 2015
Sergey Kirillov replied to Gabriel Sölvi Windels's discussion Why are we not seeing more variable-pitch quadcopters?
"Actually this is not true. 

Studies show that variable-pitch copters are more responsive than fixed-pitch copters http://acl.mit.edu/papers/GNC11_Cutler_uber.pdf

So, the only reason I see why they are not so popular is that they are more complex…"
Mar 23, 2015