Announcing Aeriality Version 1.1


Aeriality version 1.1 is out now, check it out at

But, first things first, thanks everyone at DIYD for your support. I've had over 100 downloads of the Aeriality software so far, and lots of great interactions with people in the community. You all rock. 

What is Aeriality?

Aeriality is a program that takes your aerial videos and creates orthophoto-like strip-map images.

It turns this...

Into this...


You can see several longer examples here

It gets great results in minutes instead of hours, and it is a lot simpler than stitching still photos. Its fantastic... as long as strip-map imagery is something you're into. If not, thats cool too. I won't judge.

I've added some awesome new features for the latest release (and hopefully only a few new bugs).

New in Aeriality v1.1:

Automatic Processing and Alignment - Just load up your video, select the start time and stop time, and then hit the sweep button. You don't have to enter your camera settings or flight speed any more, Aeriality automatically figures that out, and then it goes and makes you a nice image. It also lines up the image within the strip to account for any side-to-side or roll motions.


Free Videos Every Month - Its free! Well, a little bit free (engineers gotta eat too). Use it free on up to 3 videos each month. And make unlimited images from each video.

Aeriality is improving all the time, and there are plenty of features in the development pipeline including geo-registration and multi-strip stiching. But I am eager to get this out there as it is, to let you all try it and see if it does something you like.

What do you think?


PS you can get Aeriality here

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  • Yes, Aeriality currently only works with a single strip in a single direction.
    Rotations will cause distortions. So, well, its not perfect yet... but at least its cheap =)
    I'll make that limitation a bit more clear in the instructions for the current version. And as rotations are not an inherent problem for the process, it is something I will be able to make better in a future release of the software.
  • Hi,

    if i rotate the copter during the video the aerial image result is disturbed , can i fly only in one direction?

  • Hi Daniel,

    Aeriality requires an active connection to the internet in order to access and use your credits. Sometimes on Windows the firewall settings may not allow the program to access the internet. This page ( ) talks about how to enable access for an individual application, at least on Windows 7.

    If that does not do the trick for you, please send me an email to support [at] , and I will help to diagnose and fix any issues. 

    Thanks! -Taylor

  • Great job Taylor, I loaded it down but I can't access, error connection show up. I'm excited to do my first big picture.


  • Brian, Stanley - Thanks. Hope you all are able to get some good results.
    I'll try to keep the hits coming. :)
  • Taylor, 

    Well done, this is a genius idea breakthrough. Keep up.  

  • Great Job! Downloading now.

  • Chris - Thanks! 

    4xdones - The short answer is that no, DEM or point cloud data is not being produced as an output. It is possible to produce that data, but it would require some additional computation that is not being done currently.

    The 3D reconstruction, or structure-from-motion type stitching packages (Photoscan,Pix4D,etc) produce that information as an inherent part of their processing. So even if all you wanted was an orthophoto, you get a 3D model for free. But it does require a lot more computational work. 

    I think one of the large advantages of my approach is that I can skip that work and get "good enough" results very quickly. There are, however, some other options available for computing elevation from video based processing-- which should be faster than SFM approaches--that I will look into. But it will still require a separate computation step just for that. So maybe I would put this on the list a bit behind geo-referencing and multi-strip/arbitrary region processing.

  • Excellent work!  Will be even more excited when you add georeferencing options.  

  • Is it possible to generate the dense point cloud data as well? 

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