London, Ontario

About Me:

I'm retired helicopter pilot and mechanic, since then was my dream come true, then I flew diferent kinds of planes..nothing commercial. Later I become blimps flight crew, this one was a very interesting experience but my curiosity never ends, so I want to have another, ecxiting experience on UAV's. I think I'm in the correct place.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

Also I have a good experience on RC planes and for now, I want to step in to this new technology. In the near future I want to build and fly an UAV for general use on nature observation.


London, Canada

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Daniel Rincon commented on Chris Anderson's blog post IEEE Spectrum: drones no more dangerous to planes than small/med birds (and that's not very dangerous)
"I agree with the study, FAA for any razon demonizes the drones."
Jan 29, 2015
Daniel Rincon commented on Monroe Lee King Jr's blog post Flying Christmas Tree
"Thanks rocketman same to you and your team"
Dec 24, 2014
Daniel Rincon commented on Winfried Rijssenbeek's blog post Update of the man drone project
"The design is not ridiculous,  and probably this machine will have incidents and accidents too but trial & error is the correct  way (if a plastic passenger is on board) and in the near future you guys will see a magnificent  flying machine. Really…"
Oct 16, 2014
Daniel Rincon commented on Taylor Glenn's blog post Announcing Aeriality Version 1.1
"Great job Taylor, I loaded it down but I can't access, error connection show up. I'm excited to do my first big picture.
Sep 24, 2014
Daniel Rincon commented on Chris Anderson's blog post The latest on sense-and-avoid: technology is closer than the regulations
"Guys take a look on http://www.zaon.aero/content/view/52/1/ there is a product on collision avoidance small enough to be used on autonomous flight and is designated as PCAS, which stands for Portable Collision Avoidance System, this technology is…"
Jul 19, 2013
Daniel Rincon commented on vis.asta's blog post Flooding in Czech Republic, Usti nad Labem, 2013 // 360° Aerial Panorama
"Many thanks for that beautiful job.  "
Jun 7, 2013
Daniel Rincon commented on RCvertt's blog post Hover Plane Plans- Volume 1 (Kickstarter)
"A new concept, and probably we cannot fully understand his point of view. Congratulations in his endeavour."
May 2, 2013
Daniel Rincon commented on jim C.'s blog post PIDS and file .param for skywalker wing X5
"Hi Jim, you are doing an good job specially for those who are behind in line of learning.  I'm working in similar project, but different platform, the E382. I'm living in Villavicencio and I would like to talk to you about it. My e-mail is…"
Apr 24, 2013