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  • Going grocery shopping with it. Parking it in your garage, or in the street. Commuting to work. Flying under bridges, flying low over and under trees, between houses, downtown.  Low noise. All this with collision avoidance, sense-and-avoid, and optional full autonomous mission programming.

    2030? 2050? 20100? Ever?

    I don't know. Nor, I bet, does anyone else  :)

    But it's a step towards an answer ...

  • I would have to ask why?

    Is this a solution looking for a problem?

    I fly R22 helicopters. $250k. Ridiculously reliable. Range of a couple of hundred miles. What will this project acheive that an R22 can't.   

  • Yes it is a temp measure, but since rescue height is still high, it will not function between eg 80 and 0 meters! BTW ordinary drones will have to come up with fast opening parachutes too. The airbag parachute might be useful, Best Winfried

  • Speaking of paragliders, is it feasible to consider a paraglide type parachute at this stage for control on descent?

  • With the tests we will be working very carefully. We need a proper airbag parachute that is reducing rescue height. We would hope that is sort of parachute might also be good for other paragliders and small drones. So we hope that companies such as Galaxysky will come with such designs.

    And again it should be stated that this is not a prototype to be placed on the market. We all know that it takes much more effort to get to that stage: a car of today was not the invention of one person or a small team.

    However we are convinced it will work to show and hope that many more expert teams and students in competition will bring us there. See my presentation on the website. Today we had a chat by Skype with an Indian company dealing with agricultural drones: they also want to work on this idea. So that's great news to us! 

    We hope for USA and CN teams too: so... But it might work well if there an Award for this similar to the Sikorsky Award! Best Winfried 

  • And there was this, DASH.  Unmanned remote controlled version was designed to drop torpedoes and rescue and pick up people in the water.

  • Or parachute mechanism ... Hard to imagine how an ejection seat would fit in ...

  • That was amazing ... Thanks for sharing.

    Yeah, live testing is going to require some sort of ejection mechanism!

  • Pretty cool video

  • Hey Chim, awesome public resume!  So unemotional, and not a trace of defensiveness, too! Loved the BBS and Usenet back in the days reference, also. :) Short and to the point.

    So, what are you waiting for? With your background, you clearly can do much, much better. And I am sure Winfried won't mind a bit of competition ...

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