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For me, one of the things that always seems to be missing in many hobbies is a solid wiki.  Oh, they try their damnedest to consolidate data from ever larger comment threats and FAQ stickies, but lots of useful advice is only found after a user has been browsing a site for weeks.


A month ago a user requested a DIYDrones wiki, and the admin here welcomed the users to put one together, since Ning proved incapable of doing it.  Then I realized - I can do that!  I've just recently become involved in UAV research, and I'd like to find ways to help build the community, which is a matter of some urgency given the looming regulatory decisions.  A thorough wiki can be one of the fastest ways to become acquainted with a topic you don't understand, and to cease fearing the unknown.




After a week of working on spam filtering methods, constructing lists of desired content and slowly adding stub pages myself, is ready for launch as a collaborative project, encompassing all facets of civilian unmanned flight.  Virtually all of this hobby's knowledge base is chronicled in disorganized blog/forum posts that new users only tend to locate through a lucky Google search.  I'd like to change that. Who's willing to help out?

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  • How can admin be contacted for Dronepedia please? We would like to correct and contribute information.

  • What specific areas do you think would be helpful Moss?  I'm fleshing things out page by page, but anything you can throw at it that you know, can reference, and think other people might like to read would be great.

  • I like what you are doing. i signed on and would like to help. Let me know if the are specific areas where you need help most. Great work.

  • That looks great, thank you David.
  • I notice a lack of framework for information about the drone projects available, or is that what the Showcase section is meant for?  I am partial to open source projects and have started a comparison spreadsheet on google that is open for crowd sourcing:



    I don't know if there is a way to embed a google spreadsheet in another webpage, but you are welcome to use the spreadsheet in any way.  




  • 3D Robotics
    Looks like a great start. I've linked to it in the newbies guide here.
  • You should provide a contact form through which non members can communicate with the team.
  • I'd say its unorganized blog/forum posts, not "disorganized", but great effort in putting this together. Hopefully our members have the time to work on making Dronepedia useful.

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