I have just released the first version of DronePro for Android priced at $5 in the Play Store.

It is ground control software designed to allow gamepad control of 3DR Pixhawk based drones (tested with Iris / Iris+ and Y6B).

It has full control of GoPros when connected to the GoPro wifi - turning on; video recording etc.

It also supports USB UVC video capture, so you can display FPV video streams and locally record it.

More details on my website with a link to the Play Store entry and a Google+ group.

I am only developing this in my spare time, and hope to cover the development costs (icons are ridiculously expensive... and so are drones and spares when you crash).

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  • For example, this video was done with the GoPro wifi on, and the drone set to RTL if RC connection is lost...which it didn't, completing the route I had pre-planned to film the stone row and circle.

    So while it might be a risk, it isn't the guaranteed fail that some people think, due to the spread spectrum RC tx/rx.

  • As I said, controlling via the telemetry means that the GoPro WiFi is not the same frequency band...

    In fact in the testing close in I've done (up to 50m) the RC controller hasn't been affected either. After all the RC controller does work via spread spectrum and the GoPro is a fixed channel, so you would expect it still to work or people couldn't fly RC models at the same time in the same field...

    Of course it's not going to help at 500m but then you will have lost GoPro connection long before this.

    Obviously this is up to the user and use UVC if you plan to fly over long distance.

  • Thats what i am thinking, gopro wifi = gonna have a bad time, its basically like french frying when your suppose to pizza. 

  • @Tabasco. You are correct, leaving wifi and controlling via 2.4 is just dumb and asking for trouble.

  • Forgot to say, that I'm also using the 3DR radio data link to control the drone via the Shield joysticks, so this is 433/900 MHz.

  • While it could be an issue at long range, the GoPro WiFi range is only something like 100m, so I've been using it for close up flying so I can see what I am recording. But to be fair 3DR do warn against having the WiFi on, which is why I also did the USB UVC capture support.

  • I may be full of it, or just mistaken, but if you leave the wifi on on your gopro aren't you also likely to get a fly away.  (I know this has been an issue with the DJI)  The Wifi and the RC use 2.4 ghz.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong cause I would love to be able to use something like this.


  • Wow, that looks like a lot of work!  Very interesting, thanks for posting.

  • Seems fine as long as you set the 3DR Radio Low Latency.

    I do suffer from pretty poor range in the UK with the standard 433 MHz antennas, so got some larger ones for the Y6 and ground which made a big difference.

  • How is the latency on your controls?

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