Announcing Mavis


We are happy to announce Mavis - a new UAV photogrammetry and mapping software.

Mavis is specifically designed for agricultural, archeological and mining surveys.

Mavis covers the entire workflow from single UAV images to GIS ready maps. It comprises precise georeferencing, on-site image analysis and stitching, image preprocessing, the generation of digital surface models and orthophotos, color post-processing, the computation of vegetation indices, as well as the generation HTML reports including WebGL 3D models.

Mavis is designed with an intuitive workflow in mind - from georeferencing to 3D mapping and the generation reports - while providing state-of-the-art algorithms.

Detailed information is available at mavis.bitmapping.de


  • Precise georeferencing is realized by a combination of Pixhawk/APM dataflash log file analysis and a specific CHDK script for Canon cameras. This combination allows accounting for shutter delays with high precision.
  • For other cameras the camera trigger information recorded in the log file can be used for georeferencing. Images which have already been geotagged can be used as well.

3D Mapping

  • Orthomosaics and Digital Surface Models form UAV imagery are generated using MicMac. MicMac uses a multi-scale, multi-resolution approach for dense matching and sophisticated camera calibration models.

Color Manipulation

  • Orthomosaics often require further processing for scientific analysis or interpretation purposes. Therefore, Mavis provides various tools to enhance and manipulate colors such as white balance, gamma correction and decorrelation stretching amongst others. Spatial filters to remove noise are implemented as well.

Vegetation Indices

  • Various vegetation indices can be derived using Mavis.
  • For single camera setups the filter type can be selected. Blue and red filters are supported.


  • HTML reports can be generated following 3D Mapping. A 3D WebGL model is generated and linked to the report.


  • Mavis is distributed free of charge with our UAVs.
  • It is currently in the final beta testing stage for regular distribution.
  • Please contact us for availability.

Mavis is made to evolve! Please share your thoughts, requirements and suggestions regarding Mavis and UAV mapping workflows in general.

Best regards,


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  • Hi @Thorsten,

    I should have added the 'sample' test should be done with RTK to get as close a match as possible.  So if both the survey site and aerial data are RTK then we should be able to see the comparison.  It's important to test apples with apples.

    If they are close (within cm's with RTK L1) then you should have a winning product at that price.


  • Moderator

    That's what I was hoping to try, Chris. 

    If we can get this project with the watershed council going, we'll have a large data set with ~40 GCPs that can be used for checkpoints as well, all acquired by their survey crew. We'll just fly it at the same time. Everyone will obviously have to work with our images & flight logs, but I'd like to package that whole project up and leave it as a public download for people to test platforms like this.

    I don't know when we're hoping to knock out that project, but if anyone else has a data set like this and is willing to upload all the raw files for everyone to use, I'm sure it would be much appreciated. 

  • Hi @Thorsten,

    I'm sure that @RPM was aware of all that.

    I'm also very interested particularly at that price, but like @RPM I'd like to know if you have done any formal comparisons between your DEM and a known survey quality dataset?  It sounds like maybe not?  If not the trial version is key as we'll need to do that comparison ourselves.  Maybe something to consider as a selling point?  Cant wait to get access to a trial version if thats not possible - the price is definitely right - is there a support cost for ongoing updates?



  • T3

    @RPM, thanks!

    DEM (absolute) accuracy depends on the GPS setup. So there will be a difference between a single non-RTK GPS and an RTK setup such as Piksi, Emlid Reach, or the new Drotek system. There will be a difference to both setups compared to postprocessing GCPs based on survey grade GPS systems.

    RTK support in Mavis is on the roadmap. We are also preparing a comparison of an L1 RTK setup to LIDAR measurements and survey grade GCPs.

  • Looks promising! The pricing is very appealing compared to your competition.

    Have you tested your DEM accuracy vs survey grade GPS ground control points?

    I would be interested in doing such comparisons in a trial version and publishing the results.

  • T3

    Hi all,

    yes, we are planning to offer a trial version on special request. An announcement will follow.

    Integrating MicMac as is would be restricted to educational and private use since it relies on the patented SIFT algorithm for tie-point detection. To avoid high licensing fees we integrated our own powerful tie-point extraction approach, which is not based on any patented algorithms. 

    The generation of the orthomosaics is also based on a new approach with a different algorithm on radiometric equalization to provide the best orthomosaics possible.

    Best regards,



  • Hi, I agree with Hans....a trial version would be very nice.

  • OK I understand the low price tag :  "Orthomosaics and Digital Surface Models form UAV imagery are generated using MicMac".

    However, that's a very profitable integration work

  • @Mario : They say : "Regular price: 549 € (excl. tax and shipping)" . Wow ! A trial version quick !

  • A trial would indeed be nice.

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