Another 3-Axis Digital Gyroscope

This article was brought to my attention. It might be of interest here. The gyro in the article is made by STMicroelectronics. There is another post (click HERE) about the first-ever 3-axis digital gyro made by InvenSense.

Click HERE to read article in IEEE Spectrum magazine.


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  • the idg 3200 has an oscilator speed of over 30,000 hz making it impervious to most vibrations, witch is why im using it in this:
  • I'm currently working on a board using the LSM303DLH, an LPR510, LPY510, and a BMP085. I got a couple of samples of the LSM303DLH and really hope to test it soon. Have you been able to test it? Do you think it would work for a quad? My idea is to implement an AHRS and a eventually Kalman Filter.
  • I just received the LYPR540H today to go with the LSM303DLH. I hope to built it up with a Cortex M3 processor and maybe a GPS as well. Like you say, I doubt it will be good enough for helis/quads but it should be good enough for airplanes (we'll see!!).

  • Click HERE for a link to STMicroelectronics' page on this gyro. I'm not sure if vibration tolerance info can be seen in the mechanical specs, for example. It's a bit beyond my abilities to understand.

  • it's a weak article from the UAV point of view of in that it makes no mention of vibration sensitivities. One can only hope that power consumption is positively correlated to vibration tolerance (for example by favoring the reduction of element sizes, thereby increasing the frequency beyond the reach of the moving parts of a uav.)
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